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Well, for anyone really. The ones on the list I'm making are my personal favorites.  Then I'm going to pass the list on to people in this thread to see what others they'd like to add that are their personal fav.  After this is done, I'll prob try to find all the songs and put them into an album esque folder. If you want I could seed it as a torrent since I do expect the file size to be pretty large?  The idea started really for my personal use (I was on a nostalgia train),...
All the ones that you like the music in. :) Sorry didn't clarify.
So I started the Anime song compilation list. Not sure how I want to do it though. I tried google docs for spreadsheeting but the UI doesn't feel good. Right now I have it in Pages, but I know not everyone has Mac OS. Is it possible to pass around the spreadsheet for modification by converting? Or could I copy paste the spreadsheet into another?   *nvm I can just copy paste into google docs. sigh... this'll be a long night :).  The plan as follows   1) List all the...
I'm still waiting for titanium CIEMs... or at least metal CIEMs 3d printed.
Still like the transparent shells better imo. though the new ones are nice.
[[SPOILER]] Kill La Kill is probably better as a marathon series instead of a weekly series. Too many cliffhangers to deal with. Oh well, will still continue watching weekly.
We should prob do a google doc. Any songs, as long as it's searchable, can be on it. Any genre doesn't matter. As long as it has the anime/source title next to it it should be fine. Ill start the list when I have access to a computer.My goal is to have a folder/playlist created of all the listed songs. Really this is for personal use, but perhaps it could be a nice AAAMML "album."
Yea. I was thinking about maybe doing a YouTube playlist of these well known songs? Or at least a spreadsheet. Anyone wanna help? I probably will miss a few, I'll probably start the list on a weekend of something. There are some nicovideos that I'll start the list from.
Oh I meant "god song" (kami kyouku).Essentially it means that I want to compile a list of all the "great songs" in anime history.Ideally, it'll be like a 500+ Song album playlist of all the greatest.
I kinda want to compile a Kamikyoku list...
New Posts  All Forums: