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This song is so nostalgic....dunno why?  
Don't do it >.< Please. Just don't.  So... Fitear soon?
Exactly. Dat moment was cute...especially the   [[SPOILER]] part :)    Oh and... Gender: Armin
She's pretty good :).    Still prefer less "sweet" utaites tho. She comes off as a bit weak imo
If you can, try a comparison before selling em. More W3000 vs TH900s are always welcome!   Oh, and I also will have a pair coming to me soon. Can't wait!
AK also had their version of the Heaven 4 I believe. Has that been out for a long time?
Nope you're right. I agree with you wholeheartedly.   Now someone. Go buy me a QB plushie :3 Speaking of chinese food. I find that alot of people with audio gear, are from mainland China. At least for the meet today.
I wish I could >.< Sadly, i forgot to take pictures looking and trying out all da gear at the show.  5 hrs goes by really fast :D.   I know some folks took alot of pics in general. Hopefully they'll post some soon.
Today, at a meet, I saw a recabled PFVIII. It was nice, cool experience.
Well either way, I just pulled the trigger on some TH900s :)
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