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And I keep crashing for some reason. When I try to navigate through the windows virtual folders, it always crashes.
Lol, so I just paralleled Win8.1, how do I install .exe files again with windows?
Setup like Win 8.1 versus Setup like Win 7 for Parallel Desktop...   why one do you guys prefer?
Nah, I thought I'd have to reboot the computer to run windows, but if parallel can use them side by side. that solves the problem :)
What does Parallels do again? Is it a Windows Emulator? Or do you have to install windows... and then go into windows before you can play the game? From your screenshot, it looks like you're using a windows program on a Mac OS... Currently I'm working around having to install Windows and just using Wine/Winebottler. The problem is, I can't seem to find where the save file is to replace it with a completed save file. I made the hidden file visible, and I replaced the save...
How do you play VN/Eroges on a Mac?   On a PC I would just download the ISO file and then use Daemon to read it.
Lol, I've been through Colorfly's C3 and Hisoundaudio's Rocoo P UI problems...   this is still infinitely better...
Tried to watch Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex.... just couldn't get into the mood to watch it.
I wonder, should I just shoot an email to a hospital and ask that way? Really unclear of what the process of donating artwork should be.
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