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"Some" eh? Multiple PF Xs? Wow.... that's ambitious.  I'm also still on the line, if I want this...or the 334s :(. Of course, the 334s being the safer route.
I might be opting for the more affordable but discontinued 1601 over the PFIX. As I really have no way to demo them before buying, I figured I'd go for the cheapest FAD house sound. Hopefully it gets close to the signature of thePFs Oh, and why is the PFX CC more expensive than the PFX G?
  What does the K3K provide you with? You seem awfully passionate about it 
Definitely not an homage to the Sparrow
 Well, Fit Ear does have FitEar pricing 
 If you were here a week ago, you'd be in luck :).
Looking for [FitEar 334, FitEar Parterre, Fitear F111], [FAD PF VIII,IX,X (depends)].   Or also, collector grade full sizes: R10 (ok maybe not, might be too expensive), L3000, etc... no longer in production, limited
   But then I'll need to get it polished again :P, so the clarity matches.
Looked at the the starlight and found it isn't compatible with fitear CIEMs... Well that's a letdown.
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