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I'm curious, in the past years (or maybe just for the 335s), when FitEar releases a new custom, do the Jaben people get the opportunity to order it too? Or is there a waiting period before Jaben can order the new custom. Just speculating for a possible new custom during summer?
Kara no Kyoukai... what a poetic series..it's so bland...yet interesting...I'm not sure I can describe it. I'm satisfied.   And I really like ufotable's style, not sure why. Guess I'll need to find something else by ufotable.
Tsukihime feels a bit mediocre compared to Kara no Kyoukai, despite MCs having the same powers...
Guess it didn't fit you either? :P.   Good luck!
Kalafina does sound pretty good in live videos? Unlike other singers who can't sing nama.
I wonder if there is live action Kill La Kill hentai out there. You know how some AV company made a parody out of Steins;Gate that actually looked legit? I wonder if the same exist/will exist for KLK. Just a thought. Not really interested in 3D-ers.
Kalafina..  nuff said
I'm watching them right now. So far I'm really enjoying the art/music in them. The story can be a bit slow though, but the music makes up for it. I'd recommend it on a rainy day.
Yea, though a bit pricy. Check Musica Acoustics.
Watching Kara no Kyoukai right now.  Can someone give me a not too spoiler type explanation for...  [[SPOILER]]
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