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Anyone know how I should structure my letter to colleges about withdrawing applications? Since I got into Cooper via ED I'm obligated to withdraw others. What do I need to put down? Besides my name? Do I need date of birth? Social security? Is there a certain way I should write it?
anilinkz  works as well..
Perfect for Valentines Day too :)  [[SPOILER]]
So what do you do when you have an insane show with tons of action and gratuitous fanservice and strong female main leads...  [[SPOILER]]
Heh, the female eve never existed :3
Yup! Though it was only a dollar. 
My Hometest/Portfolio:   http://richtomyee.wix.com/richardyee    Thought I'd share, (I know it gives away identity...but who cares XD)
Oh darn. Forgot it was your birthday chase Mech and I will "seed" you a birthday gift. Wink wink
Ask mech gamer about it. I can't talk about it here.
Tat was put into the list by Tracey By the way did everyone who wanted "it" get it?
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