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Akatin~ so much fun :)
Reserved for Frogbeats C4
Reserved for PFIX
Reserved for Kaede
Reserved for TG334
It's time to give back, After two years of Head-Fi fun.   Below holds (will hold) the thoughts of various esoterica I collected over the past few years. I will most likely be updating this again soon after I get all the other thoughts typed up. But first, the 1P2 has priority as it will be gone soon.   Tralucent 1Plus2 Thanks I give many thanks to Gavin's generosity for organizing this tour. He was kind enough to add me into the line mid-tour. Without him, these...
 Thanks. He already contacted me. But I don't have the cash to "buy" anymore. Only trades or selling the PFs.
$680 plus shipping. Or "interesting" trades. Parterre is welcome. Slight scratch on the tube. About 1mm. The logo is a bit faded on the cable. No longer in production. Limited 200 unis *Please. Paypal Gift or cover the fees. Also, no eCheck.
Anyone know what song this vid uses as the OP? It sounds really nostalgic.
Kagerou Days!
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