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Hmm, I might get one used when E-Earphone/Fujiya pops one up. I agree with sound not being the only thing. That's the reason I've kept my i device as a DAP for so long. If it really is that reliable, durable, then this player should be for me.  I realized the negatives of having an all in one phone DAP...I don't have room for apps and other stuff...  Ah, about FitEar. It's more about the fit and the prestige (of owning a product that graced the ears of _____ anisong...
Random side note. I see you have the ZX1. How is it as a DAP? 
Milk it! Milk it! 
Can the Sony ZX1 be used as a usb DAC for a computer?   Oh, and how do you guys feel the ZX1 is compared to an AK100/20
In general how sensitive is the zx1 on the touchscreen. Is it as responsive as normal smartphones?
Although this post should really go in the portable source section, I was wondering what DAP you guys would recommend for the 334.    My requirements would be that it has to have a   good UI (maybe not iOs quality...but hopefully nothing abysmal) good touch sensitivity (I prefer touch screens over a track pad type) Relatively portable (I like em slim, not a huge brick setup).   For the reasons above, I've just been using an iPhone as my DAP. But a dedicated music...
I can't answer the sound question, but if you have a finicky ear canal...well, I guess there's not much room unless you go custom. Isolation is largely on tips, so if you can't find a tip that suits you for isolation, you'll have to go for CIEMs. From my experience, acrylic CIEMs isolate as much as a good tip (like Ortofons for my ear canal), but if you can't get one with a certain tip, then just ride with the V3s.
I know I've already told you before, but you could definitely get alot more "sound" with a $500 universal vs a $500 custom. I wouldn't get the V3 if I were you. 
I'm glad one of my fav utaites who went pro got an anime OP spot. Gerorin~ Tokyo Ravens, Outgrow.     Also, this is strangely addicting  
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