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[[SPOILER]] Kill La Kill is probably better as a marathon series instead of a weekly series. Too many cliffhangers to deal with. Oh well, will still continue watching weekly.
We should prob do a google doc. Any songs, as long as it's searchable, can be on it. Any genre doesn't matter. As long as it has the anime/source title next to it it should be fine. Ill start the list when I have access to a computer.My goal is to have a folder/playlist created of all the listed songs. Really this is for personal use, but perhaps it could be a nice AAAMML "album."
Yea. I was thinking about maybe doing a YouTube playlist of these well known songs? Or at least a spreadsheet. Anyone wanna help? I probably will miss a few, I'll probably start the list on a weekend of something. There are some nicovideos that I'll start the list from.
Oh I meant "god song" (kami kyouku).Essentially it means that I want to compile a list of all the "great songs" in anime history.Ideally, it'll be like a 500+ Song album playlist of all the greatest.
I kinda want to compile a Kamikyoku list...
+1 and they also open up the sound quite a bit.
I'm still wondering how to get the music onto my iphone... :( I just restored my phone for nothing...
Sigh... itunes being a PITA as usual. Stuck on sync can't add new tracks. So I tried switching to manual by deleting all the songs. Still can't add new tracks.... oh boy...
The heck? Mods delete my repeated posts...please? Something went wrong
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