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Wait what? Fitear has carbon fiber now?
I think the notion of having a top of the line DAP in overrated. The most change in sound comes from headphone/IEM upgrades. A good DAP will not make a bad IEM sound better than a good IEM. All a good DAP will do is push your IEM to its limits of perfection. Think about the CIEMS first, and DAPs if you are a perfectionist.
Yea. BTG does't sell any silver CIEMS cables. If they did I would have bought one for my FitEars. The ergonomics are really nice though, so it is a good cable nonetheless. Just not pure silver.
Starlight is SPC...
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio   Sigh... another one of those cute girls + XXX type animes   At least Nano-san is singing the ED.
Selling my PF IX as we'll if anyone's interested
They say that all the piano forte models carry a similar sound. It's supposed to replicate old horn speakers. So if you like that kind of sound, you'll love it. But this series tends to have a love hate relationship. You either get emotionally attached or hate the sound. It's not really high fidelity based. It has a particular sound that is unique to the industry...although unique is not always a good thing.
Probably for different reasons?   Pesonally, I'm offloading them because they're impractical for my usage. Afraid of snagging the cords on something, it has become permanently mated to my desktop setup...which defeats my purpose of buying IEMs rather than full sized. I recently got the TG334 that avoids this problem while giving me the sound I want:lusty vocals. It's portable and durable and I don't have to worry about it. That said, I do feel that the Kaedes are my most...
Great and touching post. Regarding more humanitarian purposes, I feel that that should rest in the hands of the people. Call me naive, but I do think private organizations, if developed further can outperform the aid the Government provides. The government in my mind seems to act like some distant entity. It is no longer part of our general identity.  Let me generalize quite a bit. Some Government jobs have areas that are so inefficient. Wasting so much human capital on...
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