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A bit too simple...
Anyone have ideas on a good.. But elementary high school ap level physics experiment? Basically, I need to theoretically /mathematically prove an event happening. And then experiment to confirm my results. To see if the experimental matches the theoretical. Example of last lab: we tried to find if mass effects terminal velocity. Etc. This experiment has to involve "work" (energy etc)
Woo~ hopefully you get the entire thing in your hands by the end of today.
Ah... The 435, Sadly all the music I listen to is badly mastered, although enjoyable IMO. Hopefully the transparency won't bother it too much...or maybe I'll be tolerant to its revealing nature. It's got me worried
What the... you must have everything set to the lowest brightness and had no background apps sucking power... My school ipad only lasts me.... well, a school day haha. Though, I do waste alot of battery (brightness, multitasking during lessons, leaving it on for no reason)
yea. i do have the WA2 OSTs. if you have anymore you wanna add to the list, go ahead.
Yea, missing. Well yea, you can add songs that you don't own... as long as you like the song/is one of your favs. I did that for some, which I later downloaded individually.
Yep only torrenting because this compilation will likely be close to 10gb. Songs still missing: Elfen Lied-LiliumFree!-Rage onSPLASH FREEA Boy in the WaterTaste the SatisfactionRhythm of Port TownWord that Changed my LifeDiving & SprayGreat NostalgiaBrilliant SwimSwim Toward the HopeGunslinger Girl- The Time Before We LandHellsing-Logos Naki WorldShineK-On-No, Thank You!Curry Nochi RiceWatashi no Koi wa HotchkissSamidare 20 Love (Cassette Mix)U&IWinter in a Night...
Not too bad. It'd prob take like an hour to do.Man. I think I've spent like 6-7 hours on this project. Haha time flies.
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