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Yanderes are too commonplace. They become too predictable killing machines.
 What cosplay?I'm just happy no Makoto schiit happened :3
Kill La Kill, yet another boring episode today.... looking forward for the next  [[SPOILER]]
I did get the prompts. I'm still thinking of ideas to utilize binaural audio though.
He's trying for the harem route!
Wow, you took that photo? Must be a nice camera.
My 15 in tends to run really hot, for basic browsing and streaming. Is that normal?
Too small for taking notes :3. And the color reproduction isn't as good.  I'm really tempted to go and put my entire anime collection on the iPad though. 128 gb of anime sounds fun to play with :3
I wonder, what is the cheapest way to get an iPad Air? If I want something of mint condition, but at a used price. Ebay? Head-fi? Some other idevice forum that I'm not aware of?
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