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So what do you do when you have an insane show with tons of action and gratuitous fanservice and strong female main leads...  [[SPOILER]]
Heh, the female eve never existed :3
Yup! Though it was only a dollar. 
My Hometest/Portfolio:   http://richtomyee.wix.com/richardyee    Thought I'd share, (I know it gives away identity...but who cares XD)
Oh darn. Forgot it was your birthday chase Mech and I will "seed" you a birthday gift. Wink wink
Ask mech gamer about it. I can't talk about it here.
Tat was put into the list by Tracey By the way did everyone who wanted "it" get it?
Artists eh...? What "type" of artist? I'm gonna try to convince them that visual art artists require FitEar CIEMS (sarcasm)
Personally, I would buy a universal first. If I like it enough, I may sell it to fund a CIEM from the same company that has that house sound I like. That's what I plan on doing with FitEar anyways.
Nah, half tuition. Cuz CU is broke haha XD. Yea, medium price schools are like 40k a year. In my case, I need to at 10k for my room on campus for the first year. They used to be full ride for anyone who was accepted, but they can't do it anymore. Stupid admin of Cooper Union did a bad investment and lost all the money lol. Lol, maybe you can give me some tips for dose scholarships~
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