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I'd stay away from customs if you can. Unless the company is known for a 100% success rate in terms of comfort (like FitEar), or has soft shells with silicone.    Personally I learned the lesson the hard way.   Much safer bet in high end universals.
Waiting for the time when Kankore X WA2 MADs become popular on nico nico.  And HYPE HYPE.  I've renewed my infatuation with Madoka Magica. 
I like Touma better... Poor Touma :(
[[SPOILER]] wao
Hmm. Tempting. Two theatres in San Francisco still have tickets... But it'd be awkward if I go alone.Also don't have a if I can't get another person to come, I'd be going with my parents =.=. Are you and Atom going?
What cities were they planning on airing Madoka in?
Slight scratch on the tube. About 1mm. The logo is a bit faded on the cable. Scratch is pictured on last picture. No longer in production. Limited 200 units. Looking to try something new. Pm me your offers whatever they may be. Now accepting iPad air as a trade offer (+cash depending on the storage)
Personally, I would have been unhappy if I jumped from EarPods to the 1P2. I actually prefer them to the 1p2. But of course in my preference.
Kinda weird...but now I have a strange temptation to use Wafu~ in normal speech... >.< why???!
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