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yea. i do have the WA2 OSTs. if you have anymore you wanna add to the list, go ahead.
Yea, missing. Well yea, you can add songs that you don't own... as long as you like the song/is one of your favs. I did that for some, which I later downloaded individually.
Yep only torrenting because this compilation will likely be close to 10gb. Songs still missing: Elfen Lied-LiliumFree!-Rage onSPLASH FREEA Boy in the WaterTaste the SatisfactionRhythm of Port TownWord that Changed my LifeDiving & SprayGreat NostalgiaBrilliant SwimSwim Toward the HopeGunslinger Girl- The Time Before We LandHellsing-Logos Naki WorldShineK-On-No, Thank You!Curry Nochi RiceWatashi no Koi wa HotchkissSamidare 20 Love (Cassette Mix)U&IWinter in a Night...
Not too bad. It'd prob take like an hour to do.Man. I think I've spent like 6-7 hours on this project. Haha time flies.
Haha, my upload isn't so great. so it might take a bit :D.    But yea, people need to hurry and send me stuff XD   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhIlH4cYgwA3dGgwRmNoZV8wZDhLLUdqRmd3UHRfaUE&usp=drive_web#gid=0   Almost there!     Ps: If you want the torrent faster, I'll probably leave some of the "artists" missing. The organization isn't too perfect. You have to rely on the filtering it by "shows." Perhaps someone will be able to edit it cleaner from...
Btw, it's really annoying that iOS users sometimes can't view some album art. It's in itunes, but it goes missing during syncing... weird. And also, apparently iTunes only displays one album art per album...you can't have multiple art per album haha XD. Don't worry for non itunes users though, when I copy it out, it has album art.
Don't worry bout it. I got it covered. 
Ah, to clarify. you can add any songs you want to the list. Green is reserved for people who have the files and are willing to send them to me. You really don't need the album part, I just put it there so if people wanted to download the full album (of w/e) they can. It's not too important.
Converting them would be nice. At least to ALAC or iTunes compatible format. if not I can convert them.
Ah, There are some without romaji. You might have to retitle them, or at least put the romaji equivalent in the list so I can change it.
New Posts  All Forums: