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Haha yea. Hopefully they get sorted out soon.  Either way, I'm binded to them cuz of ED. Scholarship... meh, 80k for 4 years. means that I need another 80k + rent in NY... Maybe I can get financial aid... maybe...
Woo~ Got into the college of my dreams~ Cooper Union here we go!
I'm curious, how does a string dissipate energy? I'm trying to think of an experiment I can use with strings. Have to present a theoretical proof of a certain phenomenon and have to experimentally prove that...
How does it fair against the TG334? I'm tempted (when I order) to get a 223 along with my preferred model. Perhaps the 223 can work as a replacement for the 334?
You might also get bored of your purchases XD. With so many kilobuck audio gear, the new toy sensation won't be there anymore!
A bit too simple...
Anyone have ideas on a good.. But elementary high school ap level physics experiment? Basically, I need to theoretically /mathematically prove an event happening. And then experiment to confirm my results. To see if the experimental matches the theoretical. Example of last lab: we tried to find if mass effects terminal velocity. Etc. This experiment has to involve "work" (energy etc)
Woo~ hopefully you get the entire thing in your hands by the end of today.
Ah... The 435, Sadly all the music I listen to is badly mastered, although enjoyable IMO. Hopefully the transparency won't bother it too much...or maybe I'll be tolerant to its revealing nature. It's got me worried
What the... you must have everything set to the lowest brightness and had no background apps sucking power... My school ipad only lasts me.... well, a school day haha. Though, I do waste alot of battery (brightness, multitasking during lessons, leaving it on for no reason)
New Posts  All Forums: