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That would mean I would have to do my impressions myself? Or could I do the impressions at Jaben Beijing and send them over to a friend in HK?
Oh.......  that really isn't too comforting.... But if it's mainland China, you could barter??  Either way, Beijing is the only perm residence I have so other places won't really work. *Darn, I knew there was a caviat somewhere...
What packaging?
Hopefully, one day the us dealers will get the rights to sell fitear customs
I checked a random Jaben (malaysia) and found that their online store only has the MH334 and the 335. Does this mean that one cannot order the full FitEar spectrum of customs? 
Woohoo, there's a Jaben in Beijing, which means FitEar customs will be a possibility~ I'll be in Beijing for a month anyways visiting relatives before heading off to college.   Though to be honest, I'm not really hyped up about them as much anymore. Now that I have the possibility, I don't really know what model would interest me. 
Are you familiar with their prices? How much does Jaben China charge premium? 
Wait really? There's one in Beijing? Then that'd be perfect. I'll visit relatives there anyways for about a month.  There'll be no guarantees that all models will be there though right?
Nope you have to make the molds at the FitEar clinic or at one of the official retailers like Jaben. They won't accept those ear molds.
Better vocals than the 334...well it might be the time to let my 334s go then :).
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