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By the way, Jaben Beijing, when I called them, said to "bring the impressions with me", thus, I assume that they don't care where the impressions are from. So theoretically, you could send impressions to a friend to get them for you in Beijing (although not recommended because they markup the Jaben HK prices). Oh? If it really is straightforward... I might just try them with an audiologist. Is there a FitEar method on paper? Perhaps from some backdoor source?
Maybe it's a formality thing. That they can't "officially" say you can do that, but in reality you can.
Though, for the Beijng one, it's really not strict. I called and they said you bring your own ear impressions to them.So.... It's not fitear trained ear impression makers....I'm curious, does the FitEar method work better than the conventional method?
ONI !!!>.
Im currently debating.. FitEars....or another headphone.... FitEars... Or a better headphone....
Also, Beijing prices charge the same numerical values that HK charges, but in RMB instead of HKD.$2300? At Shanghai? At Beijing it's $2600
Hmm actually... ALO Audio should get in on that if they can. I'm pretty sure they'll get alot of interest here in the states, including me. That way I won't have to go to HK + pay ... an extra $500-600 in mark up price. (although when it comes to that, I will most likely go this route)
You know you're too obsessed over a product when you start having nightmares about them...     Last night, dreamt of going to Japan and meeting Suyama-san. He said he'd make an exception and let me order some customs on the spot. But for some reason, the lady in charge of taking my impressions just sat there, chatting with co-workers... When I asked for help, everything around me disappeared like mist.    I'm not sure if this is healthy...
Anyone know who the singer/album for this song is?  
Apparently, at the third movie, it branches out and is completely different from the series. So go ahead and watch the series. It's a bit boring IMO tho.
New Posts  All Forums: