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  I can see why people like em 
We might see a universal Monet model. I don't think there have been any rumors of a new custom release,
I like the new more coherent look, but at the same time, there are too many colors. Making it messy again.
 Gear rolling is fun!
Deadly, when you succeed. sell me your Staxes.
Anyone happen to know if anyone does recables for Piano Fortes?
 Was especially interested in the guy who brought a recabled PF VIII. :P Well anyways, new toys to add to my arsenal: Tg334, PF IX
Genius. Those look mighty comfy for winter :).
It was a bit heavy. That's my only gripe comfort wise. But I definitely liked the smooth feeling in my ears. Still the most comfortable "bud" I've worn.
 Yea, apparently it sold out before my friend could get it. So I got the more expensive 1602 :D
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