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Wizard Barristers: Cecil blob. 11   That company really knows how to budget. Those fight scenes look so smoothly animated.
I'm starting to feel that maybe having it go naked + attaching a lanyard might be the best balance between safety and looks.
Yea, more skin really had more a comedy factor than an ecchi factor.
Yea, it's annoying how they didn't ring the doorbell. Nowadays they only knock. I can't pick them today since it's probably still on the truck and the post office closes early. It's ok, just a few days of difference.
Darn it, I have to pick it up on monday >.<    I was listening to music with earphones... and missed the package door knock....
I'm curious, why does everyone want DSD? I've never really caught onto that.
The Zx2 is going to be released soon? Isn't that more in the distant... more than 6 months future?
 Personally, I believe in headphones/earphones first and source second. My experience was with the AK120... when I paired it with the Kaedes, it didn't really... sound much differently let's say. I'd rather roll earphones first than sources. I've come to believe that the earphones impact the sound more than the source, of course people may disagree with that, but that's my personal experience.What other new flagship daps are out there waiting to be released? so far I only...
I'm curious, although this shouldn't be the thread for this question, but can you hear the difference between 320kbps mp3 and FLAC? I know I can't, at least with my preferred music.  It might be that kind of relationship between the Clip and the ZX1. Mine's still in customs ugh... probably will receive it by monday.
I know this is a bit random, but I'll be visiting NYC on April 17th-21... and going to school there in the fall. :)
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