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Nah, cuz based Trigger releases its episodes on thursday. And confirmed at ep 23, even more TTGL references in KLK. Giving that "classic" people who worked on TTGL-feel.   yea, I'm on hype right now.
I love thursdays...
Anyone plan on going to HK (who isnt already living there) for summer vacation?
I guess this is another reason to go custom if funds allow it. Since you get optimal sound without having to fiddle around too much.
Looked it up, by clicking the link, and wow... I sure is pricy. Around $50 when converting korean won to usd.Looks like ill be picking up the TPU case instead.
Ah... Looks like its mac only... No matter, ill just drag and drop (copy paste) from itunes.
What are the protective cases that have been mentioned for the ZX1 in this thread? Im looking to buy one soon. Also, do i need a special program to transfer data to the ZX1. Ive only used itunes thus far, so im unsure what else i should consider. Oh, and does that change if im using a mac?
Bootcamping windows sure takes up alot of space... Trying to get Tera to work...well games in general on a mac is more of a headache than i thought XD. Hopefully i dont have to do anymore troubleshooting.
I don't like Win 8.... going back to Win 7
How does it feel to have a real life onee-chan? or even an imouto?   I'm an only spawn, so I don't have that kind of experience...
New Posts  All Forums: