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  Haha, reminds me of the time I made the choice to go from mid-fi to hi-fi. It escalated quickly as well...  cough cough FitEar cough cough
Yea according to Gavin, ortofons work best when they are softened by ear sweat and grime. Sounds gross but it did make a difference for me. You can def break in those tips. I've already compiled the red into an "album"... so horray for that! If anyone has a bulk of the remaining white and can upload it somewhere for me, that'd be great :D
Hey panda, did you get to put your favs into the list?
I'm betting the latter, but Shaft does surprise sometimes...
Only watching this because I liked the Vocaloid song series... Hopefully it won't be crap like Black Rock Shooter.
So I've compiled all the songs I have onto an itunes playlist (those market in red).    Still have the remainder of white to worry about. Anyone wanna help? Perhaps upload the missing songs to dropbox or something?
It's pretty good. Interesting art style and concept. Definitely not a bad watch.
  Yep. Thanks, Added.
Well, for anyone really. The ones on the list I'm making are my personal favorites.  Then I'm going to pass the list on to people in this thread to see what others they'd like to add that are their personal fav.  After this is done, I'll prob try to find all the songs and put them into an album esque folder. If you want I could seed it as a torrent since I do expect the file size to be pretty large?  The idea started really for my personal use (I was on a nostalgia train),...
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