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To make you feel better, it says ETA: May 14th beat by Anakchan
Wow. Where are you purchasing it from?
So... I'm contemplating getting this... or not getting into high end DAPs at all.   One of the main problems I've had with DAPs so far is with the UI. I assume the ZX1 should move along fine since it does use android. Does anyone know if I can upgrade it to a later version of android? Or is it stuck at 4.1?   I tried the AK120, which was an overall disappointment for me. A major thumbs down because of the UI and responsiveness (since I am coming from iOS devices). And...
What is this that magical "DSEE HX upscaling" they have on the product page? Is it just a marketing gimick?
Ugh.. So you have to go through that app to do anything.... That might get laggy at times... Especially with something like the ZX1 that isnt as high specs as phones today.
Damn, its times like these i wish i owned an android.I wonder if the ZX1 could use that skin.
The density you have for the sphere is wrong.It should be 9444kg/m3 for a sphere with radius .007 m and .0136 kg
Could you tell me what values you used? Im having trouble getting that.
Is it possible for an object dropped in water to travel at a theoretical terminal velocity of 900m/sec? http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/lindrg.html I dropped a ball with a radius of 0.7 cm with a mass of 0.0136 kg Into water. With this formula, it seems that the terminal velocity of the sphere will be 900m/sec?
Beautiful Nagi no Asukara medley cover     I love this guy XD
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