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Did they put in the monogatari reference at the start of the movie?
And I wonder if the monogatari reference will make it on dvd. i know the reference is in theatres, 
"Peace Peace Yeah!"   -highlight from Monogatari 10
I didn't know K-san too much. All I knew was that he was a contrarian. And that's what got him the boot. I'm generalizing here so don't take my comments that seriously :). 
Someone who was like you. He's gone now. And is not to be named :3
Haha, remember K san? 
[[SPOILER]] :(
Er, I was more refering to potential colleges. I'll only get my letters in May. But the NY one I was referring to is Cooper Union.  I'll prob get into Rhode Island School of Design pretty easily though, same with SAIC.  It's the non art schools (like Yale/Carnegie Mellon/Stanford) that will be a reach for me, as well as Cooper, infamous for it's 60 acceptance out of 1000 applicants for its art program. 
Haha yea. From CA to NY is probably a long flight... I've been eyeing that small usb Dac thing, that's as small as a regular usb. For $ should be ok.
Idk, since P-H is so bulky and not portable...I was thinking of getting a USB dragonfly dac thingy. Either way, a dac is a necessity. The macbook's jack gives off so much static.
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