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Can you help me with some settings? It's my first android device so I don't know what tips and tricks I should use to minimize battery usage. Since right out of the box it's pretty terrible.
  Got it :D
Getting used to Android...   Also, Poweramp > stock Sony music app.
Yea, most of my music has Japanese text for the song title/artist/album.  I tried Poweramp, and it imported the music correctly. And also did not skimp out on the album art of some. I wonder, is there a disadvantage of not using the native music player? I do quite like the interface of Poweramp.
Oh? Being able to display artists/albums in the playlist sounds really interesting. Does that carry over to the ZX1? I want to be able to go into my playlists and find it subdivided into artists.Also, i'm having a bit of a trouble with some song information, which ends up looking like gibberish, (even though it looks fine on the computer), and some embedded album art doesn't show up, again which shows up on the computer.Sorry, this is getting more like a "how to use"...
How do you get the playlist into the ZX1? Is there a playlist file format or a folder I can put the file into?   If not, the next best thing I can do is make playlists as individual folders, and just organize everything by playlist     In case anyone else is stubborn about using itunes, I'm trying out iSyncr and seeing how it works. It was brought up in this thread early on. Hopefully it works well.
What's the mac equivalent of that software?   And I do have positive remarks for the ZX1. It shattered my preconception that all audiophile DAPs were bogus. I felt like another layer of music had just been peeled back for me. Once I solve the ease of use issue, everyone should run alot smoother.
Is there a way to create playlists not from the device, but on my computer and then importing it to the ZX1?   Also, is there a way to sort via Album Artist instead of only artist?   I'm not too familiar with android since I've been mostly reliant on itunes/iOS. Any advice on how I can better sort my music?
That might not play well with the ladies. Some prefer the insensitive type
Anyone have a list of things i can do to the ZX1 to maximize battery life?
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