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I wonder, how would the audio industry need to change so that each new "flagship" doesn't try to outdo each other in terms of price?   I'm waiting for something like Apple pricing (sorry, the only example that came to mind), where each "flagship" remains the same price, while the previous model gets a reduced price.    I guess it has to do with the sheer amount that they sell that they use this strategy, along with the fact that smartphones are usually replaced...
Apparently 150,000Y-160,000Y
Yea, they only customize art for you if you're a professional musician promoting their products.
Woo~ more anime promotion.
Ooo So that picture wasn't just for the Chinese ver of the Melomane.   *Also, hopefully the use of 3D printing will make faster build times.
Nope... This is opposite of me.... how'd I get this.  
Haha those chances...
How can one get the Lab 1 anymore? Besides checking the For Sale section of head-fi (which prob won't have one in a while).
I see. Thanks! I'll just stick with IEMs for now. 
Hmm so if I wanted an easy to drive headphone (not a fan of a DAP/DAC/Amp setup, I only really use my phone and laptop straight from the jack), the K7XX wouldn't be for me?
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