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Vocaloid sure has come a long way~   Horray for Sachiko  
Port modded to sound more balanced, like the MK1 without the cable strain relief problems that the MKI suffers from, sounds great... Link to the port mod here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/703783/anyone-modded-an-sr-007-mk2-port-to-be-like-the-mk1#post_10233132 Completely reversible and harmless. Just some bluetack to increase the isolation of the ports.          So, looking for someone has a 009 they want to part with and would be looking for a trade + cash on my...
Isn't the all black 007s the MK2.5 ver whereas the 007A is considered MKII? 
I sold the 207s, and am currently using the 252s with the 007As.  Not a big fan of the shape and comfort of the Lambda series because of my own ear shape.And I felt that the 207s were bright >.< , as were the 009s with the BHSE. Loli voices pierce like no other. :( Not sure if I'm particularly sensitive to certain frequencies.  Glad to see another toy will be reaching the arsenal soon :D. 
Curious. Have you had the chance to try out a KGSSHV with the 207s? 
Although to give him the benefit of the doubt, his stuff still provides for decent entertainment. I also like the OP by Lia. For some reason it feels like a different style for her?   Also, Saturday seems to be a good day for anime: Charlotte, Durarara, Working, and that show about lustful teens which basically ends up becoming unfulfilling porn. 
The Blue Hawaii seems a lil bright for my tastes. And when paired with a 009, it gets kind of painful for my more bubbly music.  Loli voices actually hurt on the 009s. ~w~
There shouldn't be anything with the bond itself. I used 2 sided mounting tape but I can't imagine it would be the cause of making the midrange so recessed. Also, not sure if its worth noting that I cut the strips into 12 parts. I'm not ready with 3M glue just because it does create a rather permanent bond.  I removed the port mod when I put on the sorb. The bass on the sorb mod wasn't bad... but the quantity was too much. Instrumental separation and just general...
Hmm... everything sounds so thin... :(    There's alot of bass rumble. Alot of high end...    It wasn't this way when I just had the port modded 007A.    Mid range way more recessed than the port modded ver..
Hmm, I'm not sure what this is due to. But the bass definitely seems punchier and more dominate. The upper frequencies are more separated.    Soundstage sounds more open (although I feel that's due to a lack of seal + thicker pads).   Not sure if I like it better this way though. It feels a bit fatiguing now. 
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