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So I've narrowed it down to Fujifilm X T1 + 18-55 mm     Or    Nikon D7100 + + a 35mm prime (probably)     Debating between...
I still prefer Tsumugi. Best monster girl
Didn't read. But amazing new avatar :D.
Haha well I do plan on using this for school, since I am majoring in that general direction. And possibly for the near future. The answer to that second question is a secret :P. I'm looking for something that will do well all around. Budget would be under $2k for camera + lens Open to any other suggestions.
So, been thinking bout buying a DSLR while I was in China.    Looking at a Nikon D7100 right now.   Was also thinking about getting a 55mm lens like :   Nek3 also recommended    as an alternate...
 Yup, Aluminum Bumpers are great. I use an Element Case on my 4S currently (out of production cases sure are cheap )
Also speaking of phones, in China looks like everyone uses phablets. But these ones are scary big. Much larger than the Note 3. I suspect they might be Huawei phones? Haven't really looked into it in detail.
Still waiting...
Ugh trying to sing in Japanese.    Then I realize... the way I pronounce dem lyrics...   I feel like I'm listening to those stereotypical  "this is what a gaijin sounds like when speaking japanese" characters in those animes.     That and my tongue is tired. Back to practicing I guess XD.
Is this still one of the better examples of tech in Anime? Or have there been better?
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