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Yea. Slowly Barakamon has become one of my favorite inspirational shows, especially when I can relate to the character that much as an artist myself. It's been a beautiful 11 episodes, I can't wait for its conclusion.
1-2 more weeks says Jaben... almost...
I'm glad I went with the larger screen. Fits in pockets fine. Not that big...but I guess alot of people like using only one hand. One hand usability is a bit hindered, but then again I don't use my phone one handed "that" much.    iOS 8 is a bit laggy on the 6+ though. Hopefully they can fix it soon with software updates. Though I'm not complaining, miles better than the 4S I had :). 
Imo, the iPhone 6 is uglier than the 5S. Especially the antenna lines on the back. 
The Apple store isn't packed? Wow. 
I've kind of lost weight, since I'm finally living alone...and cooking becomes a pain...
Yup.. sounds like me... oh well...
That's a bit worrying...I definitely think my ear canal is changing drastically.
I wonder what batch I would be in if I ordered mid July.
0.5 times/day?
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