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Tsunderes seem to always make a story so painful to watch... 
Nah it's fine. I'm lazy. Thanks for the offer though.
I have a hub, but a lot of things don't work properly if not hooked directly.I'll prob just do direct out from the MacBook. Or maybe just take my recording interface
Yea I'll prob just take the aluminum plate with me to see if I can laser engrave it more. Or just as a memory of p-h. I actually haven't been using p-h much anymore since it's a pain to connect to my MacBook. Needs more USB ports on the Mac
Although you live in a nice Frat house.... Anyways, do you think P-H is safe to bring with luggage? Won't TSA mind?
Hmm I wonder if I should bring Project H to uni with me. It's huge and we don't have much space.   Maybe I'll just bring the top aluminum slab with me.
What are these Spiral Dot tips you speak of?
Thanks for the support! And thanks for the tip on the "t"s Thanks! Now off to the next song!
It's out   I swear I'll try harder next time. :P. Hahaha... runs*
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