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Demo's back.    
What material/places to buy would you use for good flexible memory wire for IEMs? I'm in the midst of redoing a IEM connector so I thought I might also add a better memory wire to it. 
I have this FitEar custom cable that I want to fix, it's connectors seem to not be as accurate, or something, where they've ruined the sockets of the IEM once already.        I was wondering if this is an easy fix? to solder on some new connectors like : And perhaps to add a short memory wire while I'm at it (is that a product? what do people normally use for memory wire?).    I've never tried making/tampering with cables...
Yeah, I will just be reterminating to those.    I was thinking of destroying a spare FitEar cable I had for its connectors, but I guess lunashops might be a better option. 
Apparently it isn't as simple as taking the connectors from an old FitEar cable, and soldering it onto the new one.  And he said he doesn't stock the connector only, so I guess he has the entire thing molded ready to go. 
Hey guys, I was wondering if there's any way of reterminating this custom FitEar cable I bought a few years back.    There's something a bit off with the pin termination which already damaged my socket once.  I contacted Brian at BTG and he had no way of fixing this.
Really liking Grimgar. Anyone know if the anime is following the LN? I'm thinking of reading the translated chapters for it. 
So much hype  
What was the original like?  Was it this flashy with magic laser beams everywhere? 
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