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Just came back from the Sf Head-fi meet and finally got a chance to A/B the 007/009s from a BHSE.    Got some mixed feelings. On the 009 side, even though it had amazing detailing, imaging, the little extra shine from it ended up becoming fatiguing within...20 min or so?  The 007 MkI, while a bit duller when compared side by side were more comfortable to listen to when I played some bright tracks.   Just based off memory, I prefer the 007A over the MKI, just because I...
I should start playing again. Havent touched it for half a year. Just too lazy...
I like how the 207 craze is coming back :). It's been maybe 1 or 2 years since I've heard so much buzz surrounding them.    More to join the Stax Mafia    Back on topic, I seemed to have developed some kind of ear pressure mismatch which I suppose could be from chronic ear-infection, but idk. Either way, because of this, the Rockets only sound right at a certain position. If the sound tubes shift in any way even slightly, because they sit so deep, the whole soundstage...
Is it Cavalli Audio that normally has the Stax and the amplifiers?   And possibly Woo Audio?    Will the HE-1000s be there as well?
Wow.... not a spin off? THE MCDONALD'S??
Wooo~ going to a head-fi meet tomorrow. Haven't been to one in 2 years.   What artists/songs should I bring? :P 
Can the upscaling thing from the facebook page work on ... um... videos?  Maybe some non anime videos...    I think akiroz posted an OP that was scaled up. 
FitEar never looked more delicious  
Haha, well it has been a few years :). It's all a bit hazy. 
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