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It was the faceplate ringing issue with the springs in the faceplate. I might have damaged it by using an aftermarket cable. Idk.It was from FitEar and then Jaben had me cover the costs. So the 100 usd would be for the faceplate I guess. Really wish I was near a Jaben though. I've learned my lesson doing things via long distance and emails. (Would prob still do that for the next FitEar tho)...Still waiting for that workaround, to be able to purchase a Fitear custom while...
Finally my 335s have come back from a long 4 month repair. ~.~    FitEar charged 100 USD for the repair, I guess it was past warranty or something. But the issue is gone for good, and I am happy. 
Aria is kinda autistic tho...
Fleshy... leaves?
Thinking about getting the Music Ones just for fun. I've never had a silicon CIEM :). Just wondering, is it best to go detatchable? I'm thinking more on the lines of longevity of the CIEM as well as the ergonomics. 
Thanks Demo
Thanks Demo.
My dad watching NHK World... has a segment on Anisong.   ... and then they start with an overwhelming slant towards idol anisongs...    Scared to ask what he thinks XD. 
Charlotte 8. I like this girl. New best girl. 
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