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That was a good story. Ping Pong. 
Alright, I admit that I was part of the shallow group that disregarded watching Ping Pong the Animation because of its art style...   Saw a clip where it sounded like they actually got a Chinese person to say lines...   I'm on board. Marathoning that tonight. 
It is still pretty turdish though.  Honestly the only thing it had for me was shock factor...but that eventually is now gone. 
2 Ch voted for the top anime of the 2014 year.   Horray for Barakamon :). Looks like their community isn't totally toxic.
Marathoning Mushishi S2...   I feel so at peace...
What toxicity 
        repost~ Thanks SS!
Kitaa~     Fancy Packaging~   ~omake~   Our favorite diva Pusheen (?) doing the heavy lifting :3 I'm too strong for my own good.     Thanks SS for going above and beyond~ Sorry about the wings, a lil glue will fix em :D. 
I found it! KonataMigi.
 Whoa.... She's Migi? That is some talent... But yea, no wonder people on nico nico made mashups using Konata's voice to dub over Migi's for comedy effects.
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