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I'm teaching like 30 students on design basically. Trying to encourage some wacky experimentation. :) 
Re/ZeroKuma MikoSansha Sanyou Anne HappyBoku HeroFlying WitchMayoiga (a mess but I’ll stick with it til the end, I like the Jrock OP)JoJoKabaneriNetoge Yome (I don’t know why I do)  Pretty much makes it so I only watch anime from Thurs-Sun. Which works I guess for my schedule. Gonna finally start dem summer jobs tomorrow!
I find it kinda bland and boring. Better than nothing if you have time for it, but it's not a show I look forward to watching each week.  None of the character motivations seem to connect with me, all I can do is nod and pretend that I understand their drama.  Will still watch it cuz I need more content. 
His speech kinda ruins the OP for me. So much cringe >.<  Prob in an episode or two we will have him doing something stereotypically villainous that will make his character look cheap. Really hope they don't go down that path tho ~.~ 
Re/Zero's ED Single is out!
This anime season is pretty dry from Monday to Wednesday ~.~
Idk if any of you have seen this site. Pretty trippy :)
You should be able to get a TG334 for $1k used here. It'l take a while but definitely possible.    The 334's unoffensive with about everything imo, you really can't go wrong with it. 
Ok so it isn't just me. I send him an inquiry about repairing my FitEar cable like two weeks ago. He agreed to trying the repair but hasn't given me the paypal invoice or shipping address yet.    I guess I'll give it some more time. He does good work, but I wish responses could be a bit quicker. 
Always lurking ;)
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