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Did I post that I switched from MH334 to MH335 order on the thread yet? I don't remember :P  It really is different :P. The 435 sounds extremely clean. I tried the demo side by side with the 334 and to compare them... Vocals sounded pretty much in the same position, maybe with the 334 being a bit more forward.The 435's headstage/soundstage/aire/whatever is breathtaking. Much better than the 334s. While the 334 sounded like it compressed everthing towards the center....
In Beijing right now...being bored? Not much to do besides do the daily grocery run. Fresh veggies are definitely a nice change!I could go vegetarian here~
Yup Kalafina does work well on the TG334s. Homura's voice was good too in Rebellion~
Ai yo.
The Studio Reference is still exclusive to Japan right?
Haha I'm still pretty closet about it :D well, anime in general. society's been more accepting these day though. I'll come out one day :D
Still a close the doors/don't let your friends see you read type of manga though XD..Lot's of opportunities for people to misunderstand.
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