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I can download videos, but none preserve the comments. Oh well.
 and also, :D テロル is a nice song :D
Woah, I really like this one. not sure why. Cute, trippy, and almost saya esque.
All for the lolis. Fans rejoice. 
Cheers! Got myself a Space Gray 128gb 6+ as well.  Heck, I bet this preordered iPhone will arrive before my FitEar customs will. (yes still waiting)
Just a kind of interesting observation for myself. But it seems like every time (out of my grand total of two customs) I order a CIEM, I'm never the lucky few that get it in a few weeks. AKA I always buy at the wrong timing :3. I'll give it another month before I start venting out frustrations onto this thread again. 
Sigh... the wait is starting to get annoying :(.    I ordered mid July. It's mid Sept now...    Guess it really will turn into a 6 month wait soon... 
I wonder if a 5.5 in phone may be too big?
First time watching it live :D. Hopefully the iPhone 6 will be the one I'll get. Plans for preordering...
Since FitEar does have this long of a waiting period, I'm curious if maybe some of the rare misfits may be due to the canal shape changing drastically in the span of a couple months.
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