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Hmm, I've always been curious about how "bad" a not well amped Stax would sound. I mean I understand that they need good amps to reach their potential, but how big is this gap? I think it would be kind of interesting to see Stax out of a, for example, SRM252 and see how that goes >.<. I can always get someone to build me a KGSSHV in the future, but as of now, I will have to use a loaner SRM252. Due to budget constraints.  I'm not a big fan of bass. But I guess the main...
Might be unrelated... but I'm wavering between the choice a 007 and a W3000ANV.   I know they're considered two different beasts, but I was wondering what the opinion is on this thread as it has been brought up a bit on the W3000 thread. 
Whoa... sasuga mice-sama.
Hmm what are your thoughts? Other than you want to buy one? What in particular stood out?
You got to try floor models at an event for that long? Wow, impressed
Just a question that's bugging me.   Most headphones are colored to a certain degree. But when you're, for example, editing mixing tuning mastering audio, you probably don't want too much color right?   So then, what would be the "ideal" studio monitor? I mean for us, since we are the listeners, we can choose as much or as little coloring as we want. But for those who produce music, they have to consider what they hear out of their headphones, but also other people's...
What's their turnover time?
 Just surprised. For an earphone that cheap, there's no reason not to get one XD. FitEar is the only acrylic CIEM company that can get my ears right, but if it's silicone, that should erase the issue. 
Wait... it's a jelly earphone.. one driver... for $211 USD? Not acrylic? 
Haha thanks! Actually, the problem really isn't about giving up on the W3000s... it's just that there are too many options to choose from >.<... I'll send you a pm of what I mean. 
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