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Hmm, I'm not sure what this is due to. But the bass definitely seems punchier and more dominate. The upper frequencies are more separated.    Soundstage sounds more open (although I feel that's due to a lack of seal + thicker pads).   Not sure if I like it better this way though. It feels a bit fatiguing now. 
HOLY SCHIIT...   Sorry, lost my composure there...   My 007As now feel like a different headphone.    I don't know if that's due to the Sorbothane or due to the increased depth of the earpads. 
Finally... after a couple of months. It's done. Vocal Cover + Original MV. + Shameless advertising.   
Haha that level of analysis is kinda nostalgic. >.< Basically how all of our class critiques go. 
I was wondering, for the Sr-009s, are there ways of reducing its brightness? Maybe with an amp pairing?    Since I am a bit sensitive in the treble, it ended up pretty fatiguing on the BHSE.
Rokka is a bit annoying to watch... it's moving at a snail's place.    The dialogue has everything running in circles, with a sort of forced "I can't tell you the X truth because of X, but I will probably tell you the truth in the near future because the plot demands it" scenario.    :(
Tried the Sonorus X today. Pleasantly surprises at its imaging capabilities. Of course being in a meet setting, I couldnnt test it as extensively as I liked. But I have to say these surprised me most at the show. Only gripe is the comfort and price. They seem to go more on my ears than over. The seal isnt too great as a result. Also, being closed back, still a bit more claustrophobic than id like. Its also one heavy paperweight. But man its beautiful. So beautiful that I...
Justt demoed the K10 and Savants at the SF meet. The Savants didn't really float my boat, so I guess now I know I'm not in the market for colder sound sigs. Definitely liked the K10s. Kinda wish there was a little less bass. Just a tiny bit. Was also surprised how small and comfy the universal was. Overall, pretty pleased.
I also feel it has to do with music preferences as well. I think my library is already consisting of very bright songs. I listen to alot of jpop and some jrock which is already emphasized to be bright. 
Thanks, I'll be sure to check em out.
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