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My goal is to lay low. Until the mess blows over... It's half tuition now, :) which is why alot of the students are getting rowdy haha.  It'll be nice to have head-fi meets in NYC as well ( or somewhere in NY). 
On another unrelated/related note... everything important for me seems to be going on on August 15th   Looks like it is national Kagerou Project Day!
Haha our last hope to change the system would be this: It'll be interesting to see how this goes :D.
 Haha thanks. Yea, NYC. (no offense to New Yorkers though, but California is still more comfortable) Admin there is a mess really. Since all those student protests over free tuition and the more recent lawsuit attempt, I guess they're trying to crack down on stuff. The thing is, they say signing that document is a prerequisite for course selection (which doesn't matter since our foundation year is decided already) ... but this isn't the first time the admin has tried to BS...
I'm curious, what do you guys think of this:   that my school is trying to make me sign.   Isn't it worded a lil ominously?
Currently suffering from the chronic "can't sync anything onto my iPhone" disease. Frustrating this is.
Hmm they may batch collect. Since when I ordered my 334s, they told me I had a 2-3 day window to change my order. I lost my net for about a week. Sent an email and they let me change my order once again to the 335s. I then waited a couple days and asked them if my impressions looked large enough for the SR mod, and they said yes after a quick yes. I'm working off of assumptions here, but I doubt they send them individually/immediately.
Haha that doesn't sound promising. Then it looks like I'll have to have my customs sent to my college instead. 
Just checked from my laptop what page it was on when I left for vacation. 7816. Psh, you guys can do better than that. Less than 1k posts in 1 month. weak~   meant pages :D sorry
What did you order again?
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