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Re/Zero's ED Single is out!
This anime season is pretty dry from Monday to Wednesday ~.~
Idk if any of you have seen this site. Pretty trippy :)    https://kamra.invisi-dir.com/
You should be able to get a TG334 for $1k used here. It'l take a while but definitely possible.    The 334's unoffensive with about everything imo, you really can't go wrong with it. 
Ok so it isn't just me. I send him an inquiry about repairing my FitEar cable like two weeks ago. He agreed to trying the repair but hasn't given me the paypal invoice or shipping address yet.    I guess I'll give it some more time. He does good work, but I wish responses could be a bit quicker. 
Always lurking ;)
Demo's back.    
What material/places to buy would you use for good flexible memory wire for IEMs? I'm in the midst of redoing a IEM connector so I thought I might also add a better memory wire to it. 
I have this FitEar custom cable that I want to fix, it's connectors seem to not be as accurate, or something, where they've ruined the sockets of the IEM once already.        I was wondering if this is an easy fix? to solder on some new connectors like : http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=5286 And perhaps to add a short memory wire while I'm at it (is that a product? what do people normally use for memory wire?).    I've never tried making/tampering with cables...
Yeah, I will just be reterminating to those.    I was thinking of destroying a spare FitEar cable I had for its connectors, but I guess lunashops might be a better option. 
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