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I'd actually rather play the game than watch the anime haha XD. 
Now I can relax... 
I'm disappointed there wasn't more Kongou :) Burning...Love!   So I'm stuck on this step... What is the server address? Is there a place to register for something?
Wait why will they shut the game down? Also... that process...not sure I wanna try it... Also, are there free japan VPNs? I've never really successfully set up a VPN before on my mac. Actually, I'm gonna try to do it. It opens up in 3 ish hours anyways right? 
Do dead ships rise up as abyssals?  At least they do in dem doujins.
Since most of the series is pretty predictable? And well, as long as it doesn't go Monogatari on me, most anime's I can understand raw now. 
  Eh? You're that excited for it? aaa.. good for you I guess? Still seems like a thin layer of plot though... Nowadays I just watch the raws instead of waiting for the subs for Ange.  Not enough good anime this season, so it'll have to do.
Yup :) Not a big fan of it. But it's not bad. I prefer watching MADs of NonNonBiyori :D
I kinda dropped GuP halfway through the first ep... still have no drive in picking it up ~.~
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