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That might not play well with the ladies. Some prefer the insensitive type
Anyone have a list of things i can do to the ZX1 to maximize battery life?
For usps, is it normal that i got a slip to pick it up, but the tracking system marks it at delivered? For past deliveries when that happened, the tracking would always mark it attemped delivery failed etc. I do have the slip and am planning on going this afternoon, but still a bit worried.
So it looks like the still frames (alot of them) in Wizard Barristers Ep 11 are due to the studio not making it on time. They decided to cut off 11 a bit to make sure 12 gets animated properly.    This leads to the question: Why do studios animate so close to the airing date of the anime? It's like they make one episode a week. Wouldn't it be better to "finish" an anime before they aired it. Then while it airs, work on another anime. Of course there's the issue about...
Oh no... you need to see the latest episode.... then you'll get what I mean by that. It's even worse than Kill La Kill's budget scenes
Wizard Barristers: Cecil blob. 11   That company really knows how to budget. Those fight scenes look so smoothly animated.
I'm starting to feel that maybe having it go naked + attaching a lanyard might be the best balance between safety and looks.
Yea, more skin really had more a comedy factor than an ecchi factor.
Yea, it's annoying how they didn't ring the doorbell. Nowadays they only knock. I can't pick them today since it's probably still on the truck and the post office closes early. It's ok, just a few days of difference.
Darn it, I have to pick it up on monday >.<    I was listening to music with earphones... and missed the package door knock....
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