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[[SPOILER]] a bit cliched...
Celty best girl
Wait... can other animes reference other animes directly?      I'm watching Durarara II right now... and I'm surprised they actually said the titles out loud rather than censoring them.
What would be the difference between the Sony hybrids and Muse SpinFits?
 Thanks for the tips (no pun intended)!I'll try both.
I see, I'll just use what I have now until I lose one. 
I found out which ones I have now. I feel they focus the sound pretty well. I might try to get a pair of spinfits as well. (What's the easiest way to buy the spinfit tips?)
Has anyone tried other options? Like Spiral Dots?   I put on something I forgot the name of, but the bigger bore helped.  Though this isn't as elegant of a solution. 
Agreed. Except the end, where I would rather see that side from a distance.  People when desperate can be pretty scary.
And Kongou's voice. 
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