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Not my 335s yet, but I did get a custom cable ready for it. Right now tis on my TG334s. 4 core silver  
He looks so happy~ (jealous)
I don't suppose that we have any members in Beijing, but worth a try..   Anyone know a good place for birthday cakes? Will be my grandma's birthday soon!
Our resident audio sage speaks his wise words.
You should do the test :D.  I just played through all 3 tracks back to back... didn't even notice the tracks changed. That's how indistinguishable it was for me.
But...But... for lazypeople, 320 mp3 is good enough XD
Er how about this: Would you buy one if you got an invite?
 Agh, too much work to register on the forums and comment. and Facebook is blocked. meh.
Would you use one as your main phone?
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