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Dammit. Should NOT have watched Fate/Stay Night first. Made everything else today look like schiit. :<
Hmm... if you don't wanna buy the "latest whizzbang" $1k universals from FitEar, how about the $1k universal from FitEar that's about a couple years old :D.I'm still in love with my 334s.
Yea. It was gonna ship over in two days. On the second day, the day I should have received it, they recalled the package since a customer who came to pick up his found mine in the box. Hopefully the one that was sent to me was his...I know where my custom is..but he doesn't...
Yea, I got a free sample, will see how it feels when my customs come. More waiting cuz the wrong order got sent to me...
Doesn't feel like it's rare. I also got INTP
Tomorrow I will be able to put two wonderful pieces of acrylic into my ears :3. Finally!
You just need a good cable. Depending on the person, varying degrees of memory wire might help. I personally like memory wire that wraps all the way around the ear. That keeps it feeling snug. Others might like no memory wire. If you had no over the ear style wire, the CIEm would be too heavy and would start slipping. 
Is it bad that I type slower with SwiftKey? And actually, I don't type that much on my phone. It's only recently (2 yrs ago) that I learned to text on it.
  [[SPOILER]] Amatsuki! You pulled me out of hiding.Like her more too.
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