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Doesn't seem to lag for me.
These are valid questions, but I would appreciate if you could send as a PM, just so it doesn't get cluttered here.      With regards to the 252S, I have a friend who says it drives the 007 "ok." But besides that, I do have plans to get a KGSSHV built in the future. Thank you for your concern :). 
I just ordered a set of SRS-2170s from PriceJapan, but thinking of selling it off since I also just purchased a SR-007A.   I may just keep the amplifier for 007, so the 207s are also available for separate purchase.    Skip the 1 week wait and possible custom fees depending on where you are located :).    And of course, they would all be NIB. If this gets sold off, I won't plan on opening it up.    Sold
The new music app is alot better. 
Haha, alot of times when I pop on here, it feels like everyone chatting is a professional DIY-er.  
I think there's a distinction between 黑茶 and 普洱茶 as well. 普洱茶 uses the same fermenting processes as 黑茶 but there are definitely other 黑茶 that aren't  普洱茶. I'm thinking it's a subcategory within 黑茶 but I could be wrong. I bring this up because last time our family went to China, be bought a whole load of 黑茶 which was quite a bit cheaper than buying 普洱茶 to age. 
Starting Shirobako.      Damn I've been missing out >.<
When are you getting your set? 
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