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Charlotte 8. I like this girl. New best girl. 
Whoa, that's from a while ago XD 
Dey also did a song for Fate Grand/Order. 色彩
Real life and mobages sucking mine ~.~ 
It's been a bit slow here for a couple of weeks. 
I think thats supposed to be AKB 48
Anyone played God Eater?  
Alot of "cute" seiyuu seem to be going the "sounding like a Sadist" route nowadays.  Hanazawa starting with Nadeko. Aoi Yuuki voicing alot of "evil" chicks now. One that comes to mind this season would be her role in Overlord.  I like that. I hope that doesn't make me M though >.<. Not into abuse. 
Waiting for Suyama-san to develop a way to SR upgrade us single bore folks XD
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