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Got beat by a phone :) 
Sounds like a Working!!! moment C:
I'm curious, for those who have bought a Sr-009 from PriceJapan and had it shipped to the US, have you ever had to pay import tax on that?
~.~ sill waiting fot the iOS ver :(
Maybe Microsoft suffers from the same phenomenon Samsung does?  http://www.fastcodesign.com/3042408/why-samsung-design-stinks 
Vocaloid sure has come a long way~   Horray for Sachiko  
Port modded to sound more balanced, like the MK1 without the cable strain relief problems that the MKI suffers from, sounds great... Link to the port mod here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/703783/anyone-modded-an-sr-007-mk2-port-to-be-like-the-mk1#post_10233132 Completely reversible and harmless. Just some bluetack to increase the isolation of the ports.          So, looking for someone has a 009 they want to part with and would be looking for a trade + cash on my...
Isn't the all black 007s the MK2.5 ver whereas the 007A is considered MKII? 
I sold the 207s, and am currently using the 252s with the 007As.  Not a big fan of the shape and comfort of the Lambda series because of my own ear shape.And I felt that the 207s were bright >.< , as were the 009s with the BHSE. Loli voices pierce like no other. :( Not sure if I'm particularly sensitive to certain frequencies.  Glad to see another toy will be reaching the arsenal soon :D. 
Curious. Have you had the chance to try out a KGSSHV with the 207s? 
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