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Well at least it won't be damaging a respectable franchise. 
To get in to the Berserk franchise, what's the best/most recommended way to enjoy it?    Start with the extremely long manga? Start with the first Berserk anime adaptation? 
He's also quite relatable in certain areas. I'm sure the various points raised up that episode does hit home for many viewers with the 'neet' lifestyle. That could also be a little too close for comfort.  This ep really made Rem best girl tho. I wonder how they'll develop Emilia's character further. 
Tippi seems easy to take care of.  
Nep better than ebony
nano.ripe for the Souma S2 ED woo!   How is everyone enjoying this season?    Paradoxically, even though I have more time during the summer, I feel less motivated to watch the boring shows of the season.  Haven't started alot here. 
Kabaneri. ED  [[SPOILER]]
I know I'm terrible for posting this here, but I'm kind of desparate, going from Stack Overflow to Fb friends etc.    Anyone here well versed in JS stuff that I can pm? Have a race condition that I just don't know how to solve.  
My art classes are coming full circle.   Learned about Zimoun sound artist in Sound Design class.    Sees post today about Zimoun X Sennheiser promotion    
Can't unsee >.<
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