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Whoa, that's from a while ago XD 
Dey also did a song for Fate Grand/Order. 色彩
Real life and mobages sucking mine ~.~ 
It's been a bit slow here for a couple of weeks. 
I think thats supposed to be AKB 48
Anyone played God Eater?  
Alot of "cute" seiyuu seem to be going the "sounding like a Sadist" route nowadays.  Hanazawa starting with Nadeko. Aoi Yuuki voicing alot of "evil" chicks now. One that comes to mind this season would be her role in Overlord.  I like that. I hope that doesn't make me M though >.<. Not into abuse. 
Waiting for Suyama-san to develop a way to SR upgrade us single bore folks XD
Semi-related, but the Voice Actress who voiced "him" is Futa Futa (Futaba) from Sore ga Seiyuu! I'm glad that they actually used rookie voice actors to play the rookie voice actors of the show. :) http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=16718 Although not as good as Shirobako, still a fun one about the industry. 
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