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Using Poweramp instead of the sony app.
I def am curious why everyone's selling at this time. If only you guys did this earlier, i could have gotten my ZX1 sooner
It's just not the flavor of the month anymore. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not the "best" with all these new players coming out.I do feel that after a certain threshold.. Most players "sound" the same (if i do a blind test, when i use my eyes, certain players sound better). Honesty what id like to see is better UI. Although the ZX1 is fine, it can still improve. Especially the stock app.
Ah, no standalone device?
So I finished both seasons of Jormungand when I really should be studying... but  [[SPOILER]]
Turn off? Who does that when you can put it on standby XD.
May I ask what rig is your favorite?
I gave up on the stock app. I'm using Poweramp, even the animation is more fluid in it than stock Sony (sorry if this comes off as a bit ranty). So probably not going to use the DSEE thing either. Did a blind test with and without it as well, I guessed the wrong one XD. 
Can you help me with some settings? It's my first android device so I don't know what tips and tricks I should use to minimize battery usage. Since right out of the box it's pretty terrible.
  Got it :D
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