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Beautiful Color!     ...see Tidds, you should have gotten nep phones. 
Would you say that the failure rate of 009s to be higher than the 007s? 
Sold my 007As. Looking for 009s. Mint. That's about it.    Pm me any offers :).      As for my location, for shipping questions, I go between California and NYC. 
I have a mint condition SR-007A that I attained last year that just isn't getting enough usage. Since I'm away from home most of the time for uni, it has been sitting in its carrying case for a while.    Pulled it out to take photos.    I figured I'd go one of two routes, upgrade, or sell.  I'm willing to let this baby go for $1200 + shipping + paypal fees, or as a trade for a 009, ofc money on my side.      edit: Payment pending...
Does it pick up? I got bored after the 2nd/3rd episode.  [[SPOILER]]
  Putting headphones to good use. 
I'm thinking about using the Mojo for its DAC in my Stax setup and I was wondering if there was a possible connection method to link the Mojo and my SRM 252 S which only has RCA inputs.    *nvm. Can just use a 3.5mm to RCA 
Well at least it won't be damaging a respectable franchise. 
To get in to the Berserk franchise, what's the best/most recommended way to enjoy it?    Start with the extremely long manga? Start with the first Berserk anime adaptation? 
He's also quite relatable in certain areas. I'm sure the various points raised up that episode does hit home for many viewers with the 'neet' lifestyle. That could also be a little too close for comfort.  This ep really made Rem best girl tho. I wonder how they'll develop Emilia's character further. 
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