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Really liking Grimgar. Anyone know if the anime is following the LN? I'm thinking of reading the translated chapters for it. 
So much hype  
What was the original like?  Was it this flashy with magic laser beams everywhere? 
Huppy New Year!  
Is anyone here gonna be there for C89? 
Final OVA last ep thing of Working was nice :) Lord of the Takanashi? Reference to Lord of the Flies? idk   [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, they're just extra faces. :)  Whole heads would be cool though. Could make a Cerberus Homu Homu~
I'm happy its over. Pretty rushed, tho. They squeezed what could be at least 2 episodes into 1.  Not sure if I would want a 3rd season though.
Thanks Santa! Best timing as well, came when we were opening presents XD.   
Wish we were this festive :3 
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