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Loli stuff is only safe if the person has given up on the 3D world. If not...   omawari-san...
Prob getting a X-T1 + 18-55 kit and will leave it at that. The viewfinder of the X100S was still a bit hard for me to use with glasses so I'm hoping that larger EVF will work better. There's a deal where they provide a free battery grip + extra battery + SD card, so I'm just taking it. 
Has anyone mispronounced "meme" before? I used to call it "meh-meh" when I first learnt of it. Naturally all the youngsters started laughing.    Damn kids 
I realized, that since this was bought in China, if there happened t o be any defects, I'd be out of luck for any service.  Which is why I'll buy something in 'Merica instead.
And just as easy the X100S came, it will go as easy today. Amazon sure is convenient :3
Yup first real camera.  Small enough to bring everywhere to learn how to actually take photos. Now to find a book!
Amazon shipping here in Beijing is pretty quick. Ordered yesturday, arrived today. Now to binge learn photography :>      
GJ Pixiv
Or just your average human sword... 
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