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 I think I had a Rode NT1A mic and a Tascam US200.. either way, haven't used both yet... still new from 2 years ago lol.Well, it's more like I wanna get this done before I start college. Since I expect not having much time.
Wasn't one of you here aspiring to be a voice actor?   Anyways, I'm looking for some advice.  I'm probably gonna try to cover something and post it on nico nico in the near future. College life is gonna start soon, so I might as well live this last summer without any regrets :).   I am by no means a good singer, but this is just something I've been thinking about since I bought my condenser mic 2 years ago :3    But yea, as of now, I'm stuck on the "lyrics"...
Hanayamata is some serious diabetes inducing guilty pleasure schiit :<
Mhm fan/amateur works are nice. utattemita... ensoumita etcPersonally I go for vocaloid covers, never gotten into video game music just yetSigh... if only I was in Japan. could get all those CDs. 
Go get yourself a 009 + BHSE and call it a day. You can always add others later 
Haha I was just wondering. You know, to be a true fan of Suyama san, every member of the family should have his products, even the grandparents :3. It was more of a "what-if" scenario I thought about.
Another advice is to read a glorifying review of the gear before you actually listen to it. It'll improve the item's actual sound by + 500 placebo points :3.  (that was sarcasm btw, really hope no one lives their audio lives like this :<)
Oooo. Only in Japan right? I wouldn't be able to order one from outside right? Yea... all this intense listening has dulled my ears :3. Nah, I was wondering about getting the elderly in my famry some Suyama hearing aids :>. (Although I don't think they like them, they're prob need hearing aids in the future...)It's been pretty bad lately. Shouting only gets them to understand bits and pieces of phrases. Will do :D
Does FitEar sell hearing aids?
Good thing head-fi and anime streaming sites aren't blocked. Or else I'd never survive this month long vacation :>
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