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Shameless promotion :3   Haha that was a blast, hopefully I'll be able to find time/space to practice more. 
Wow have things changed the last time I posted here.    Now everyone's poi-ing.    Still need 47 lvls till I can marry Kongou :(     Also, who was the person who got the K7XX? Might I pm whoever you are?
nvm found it. thanks to the skype group.     Are there any others like it?
After using it for a while, I've found that the metal housing is kinda grating since it's not a over ear design. My outer ear gets irritated by the pressure of the housing on various soft tissue. Hopefully new tips might decrease that pressure. 
I'd actually rather play the game than watch the anime haha XD. 
Now I can relax... 
I'm disappointed there wasn't more Kongou :) Burning...Love!   So I'm stuck on this step... What is the server address? Is there a place to register for something?
Wait why will they shut the game down? Also... that process...not sure I wanna try it... Also, are there free japan VPNs? I've never really successfully set up a VPN before on my mac. Actually, I'm gonna try to do it. It opens up in 3 ish hours anyways right? 
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