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Final OVA last ep thing of Working was nice :) Lord of the Takanashi? Reference to Lord of the Flies? idk   [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, they're just extra faces. :)  Whole heads would be cool though. Could make a Cerberus Homu Homu~
I'm happy its over. Pretty rushed, tho. They squeezed what could be at least 2 episodes into 1.  Not sure if I would want a 3rd season though.
Thanks Santa! Best timing as well, came when we were opening presents XD.   
Wish we were this festive :3 
Finally back home ~   but I suspect this month will fly right by.
International XD      Year 3 here we come :D. 
Nah, that's modern art for ya :D
:( Voice Actress dies. https://www.facebook.com/KaroshiMyriad/photos/a.529760350380083.115484.529758610380257/988044527884994/?type=3&fref=nf  
Dunno why. I really don't like Honeyworks' songs >.<
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