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Anyone know where I can get a screen protector for the ZX1? the used one I had was damaged so I couldn't use it, but the bare glass on the ZX1... is so... unfriendly to fingers? It just doesn't glide as well as my idevices. I'm trying to find a new, yet affordable, screen protector to use.
They have their own proprietary connector that's alot stronger than what the industry standard uses. The protuding unit is to accomodate that. If I'm not mistaken, it's also used in some Sennheiser headphones (although not exactly the same thing).
One is the fact that the company selling them closed down.Two is that they didn't have the sound I wanted.Three is that apparently they were just a rebranded UK custom, so not really an original custom.Four is that it never fit after 2 refits.
And honestly, if you're that worried about making a wrong investment, what's wrong with snatching a used high end universal on the market or on head-fi? The only costs you'll be wasting are shipping fees and time. That way you can try different flavors. (I wish I took this route, I foolishly made an investment to Frogbeats which I dearly regret). As blunt as I may be, I do not believe you are ready to delve into customs.
And honestly, if you really do decide on FitEars... you're going to have a rough time trying to purchase them. I do wish you luck on your audio journey.    Something I'd like to point out about your "search for the best." The problem is that, when it comes to earphones at the level you want them to compete at, the hierarchy doesn't scale linearly. It sort of branches out like a fan, with ever more options for a particular interest. In other words, there is no "best"...
I find that the Cruzerlite case makes it really hard to push buttons.
What was Trigger's next project again? I remember someone posting that.    Anyways, Kill La Kill ends just as expected.    Hopefully they'll be able to bring "different flavors", something other than the usual TTGL route (albeit good at times).   Really hope they don't take the vanilla route though (ie: boring harem series)
Using Poweramp instead of the sony app.
I def am curious why everyone's selling at this time. If only you guys did this earlier, i could have gotten my ZX1 sooner
It's just not the flavor of the month anymore. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not the "best" with all these new players coming out.I do feel that after a certain threshold.. Most players "sound" the same (if i do a blind test, when i use my eyes, certain players sound better). Honesty what id like to see is better UI. Although the ZX1 is fine, it can still improve. Especially the stock app.
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