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Guys. Too off topic. If you want to debate over cable-fi, go bring it to the cable subforum or even the sound science forum.    We need to get back onto anime quick. This place is becoming too serious.
No I mean on my pair :>. Which somehow managed to spur this conversation lol. Don't mind me keep going :3
You know with all this talk about having or not having wood splitters.   What it actually is  is a piece of plastic styled like wood.    pseudo wood :3
mhm cuz now im keeping the to go
Shaft didn't draw the Shaft head anatomy right :< 
^ so who's got an engraver that they're willing to lend :3
one plus one has no verizon is sad cant buy typed wiith ahand
You can have black customs as well. Or all blue, or all red. Just most choose clear to see the beautiful craftsmanship. @the other bird My MH335DWs won't be here until a couple more weeks. I really hope I get them before I go to uni
Well it all depends on preference, some have preferred the MH334 to the 335/435. Others have felt that they enjoyed their TG334 sounded more enjoyable than the custom variant.  Thanks! I try to keep it simple   This is the one.   Here's an 8 conductor one if you want a beefy monster:
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