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Well that's weird. Guess I'm in the mood to breaking things recently.   But has anyone heard of this problem?   I can no longer plug stuff into my Macbook audio jack. Looks like the LED inside slipped or something and is now blocking anything from being inserted. Have no idea when it happened, but I'm stuck with no headphone jack.    Guess this is an excuse to get a Mojo now? 
So my Rockets just broke a couple of days ago, the left earpiece is shorting prob something with the cable.    Was hoping they'd last a bit longer.    I wonder if that "lifetime warranty" thing still is in effect. Now that they're bought by Fender and all. 
Lol, just a stereotype I had about NY when I first came. Decided to keep it alive. I come from a sheltered Cali lifestyle. Just one of those usual cable failures. The left earpiece is starting to short out. I have abused it quite a bit as a 'beater' through normal use but I had hoped it would last more than 1 years.  First time I heard about the 5 yr warranty. Although now they being bought by fender, and the fact I bought this used. They prob wouldn't honor any warranty...
Yeah, used from PJ. But its also been used for 2 years. Channel imbalance usually occurs during the first couple months. The case of failure I think someone calculated to be around 5% from like pretty shoddy data. 
I'm hoping they don't develop channel imbalances in the next couple of months. We'll see. Sounds ok so far.  All stats are basically like ticking time bombs whether they're $200 or $2000.
Can't use those on the streets of NY. Gonna get mugged. 
Uh oh. Just broke my Rockets. No more listening on the go anymore. 
Wow, this is right by my school. Would definitely love to attend. 
Personally I dig Re:Zero as an entertaining watch this season. All the characters (besides Emilia) drew me to them and I could easily empathize with each. Honestly, the time-reset gimmick never really interested me and I'm glad that became secondary focus in the second half, but the presentation and character development was good enough to draw me in every week. I could see it getting stale if you try to binge watch it though. There were some flaws here and there and alot...
Damn. So lucky :). HK definitely does get the good jp stuff.
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