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Thank you poi :D.
But.... But...  poi
Who here was the Jp expert again?   I need some help translating what I want to say for the comments on a new video. 
Recently been entranced with SEKAI NO OWARI's Dragon Night.
So I just learned today that if you plug and unplug stuff into your macbook, eventually, some settings might trigger and mess with the balance of the sound output...   Didn't know that was the source of all my channel imbalance problems so far....
Any comprehensive reviews out yet? Kinda lazy to sift through this thread.
I was wondering, are there any other headphones in the $200 range that would compete with the K7XX. I've got 14 hrs until I decide whether or not to pull the trigger on these.
Haha damn it. You guys are making me miss my 335s that are currently in repair. 
Shameless promotion :3   Haha that was a blast, hopefully I'll be able to find time/space to practice more. 
Wow have things changed the last time I posted here.    Now everyone's poi-ing.    Still need 47 lvls till I can marry Kongou :(     Also, who was the person who got the K7XX? Might I pm whoever you are?
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