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Over the years, I've developed a technique to help me cope with mosquito bite infested appendages.    Just imagine you're missing an arm or leg. It isn't your arm, it's a robot arm :3. 
Hehe. I like you newcomers. You guys have really sped up the thread. Perhaps we can get backour former glory?   I don't comment much :P mainly cuz I'm lazy.
Sigh... the only part of vacationing in China/Beijing I hate is the swelling. Whether it be from some mysterious ingredients from restaurant food, to mosquito what my family calls 水土不服 ... I always end up with somekind of swelling somewhere...which leaves me bedridden for days (well, it's not that I can't move around, it's just that those swollen areas hurt sometimes, so I just rest at home)...   I remember back in the days when there wasn't even wifi...I had...
Go watch Zankyou no Terror 2 :D
Thermite is fun!
What's been said about it? I havent been following it.
I think Shigzeo is the expert on this? I don't remember the sound too clearly, but when I used the 333 and 223 side by side with the TG334, I didn't even need to try hard to pick my favorite (the 334s).
Did I post that I switched from MH334 to MH335 order on the thread yet? I don't remember :P  It really is different :P. The 435 sounds extremely clean. I tried the demo side by side with the 334 and to compare them... Vocals sounded pretty much in the same position, maybe with the 334 being a bit more forward.The 435's headstage/soundstage/aire/whatever is breathtaking. Much better than the 334s. While the 334 sounded like it compressed everthing towards the center....
In Beijing right now...being bored? Not much to do besides do the daily grocery run. Fresh veggies are definitely a nice change!I could go vegetarian here~
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