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But the Aya is cheaper :D. It is cheaper than the 335. 
Really? Jaben SG marks up more than Jaben HK? 
Yup and Yup.   Still no go :(. Tried both Win 8 and 7. 
What's the best way to play VN on a Mac?   I'm trying to parallels it but it doesn't open. Not too sure what I'm doing wrong. The locale is Japan. But it just won't run. No message when I click on the icon, nothing happens. 
Thanks! I was able to make it loop! (Though with a dif method)
Any Japanese speakers here free for a tiny bit?    I'm struggling to solve this problem of getting a video to loop on Nico.      Here is the site that Kalbee found, but I only got half of it to work since I'm basically just fiddling with google translate. so far i know that 33.93::@ジャンプ #エキサイティン tag will loop it to the start but that's bout it   Thanks!
Anyone know how to make a swf file that loops at a certain point in a video? Like you know in some nico videos, a video will play and loop a specific segment of the video.   like   Any idea how I could make this?
Really disappointed with Jaben HK,    I sent my custom back to them for repair due to some sort of ringing that started happening on the left earpiece.    I got it back 2 months later with the problem "seemingly fixed" only to have it resumed after a few days of regular use.      And since the communication is so filtered, I have no idea what goes on. I just received a series of emails that said FitEar didn't reply back to them.      I'm really frustrated with...
Up for sale is PWAudio's fantastic cable.!earphone-cables/c1wdz PC-OCC Pure Silver  Jacket Material : Polyethylene (PE) Conductor Material : pure silver Conductor Gauge: 26AWG Number of Conductors : 4   It's very flexible, unlike the stock FitEar cable and definitely brings out more treble in your IEMs.   Reason for selling is that I'm looking for a Wagnus Cable, so if anyone has one feel free to PM for maybe a trade :D.    Oh and FitEar...
Finally back...       And FitEar actually fixed the issue. They didn't just hold it for two months and send the same thing back. 
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