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Don't get this thread too heated guys.    The mods be watching. Let's not get this thread locked. 
The one in SoHo.  The one in the Occulus says they don't recommend it because of noise pollution.  You have to go to the store to book an appointment. They said something about an optical cable. Who knows, I'm sure it'll sound great. 
The 009 is also cheaper than the Utopia. Esp if we're talking bout street price.        Today, I went out to the Sennheiser store to try the Orpheus.    Left empty eared and an appointment for monday.    What a tease...
At that price point, I can get my music producer friend to stop using Earpods. 
Hmm, idk. Maybe send it a bit later when I get back to the states. Ground shipping can be pretty fast. 
O, the deed is done.    Anyone else will be there then?    I know mechy will.     
If Madoka was drunk and lewd all the time. Gud Taste!
Thinking of selling my Chord Mojo.  It's in mint condition and comes with an Audioquest Forest USB cable from the previous seller. Original post here: I originally bought it since my Macbook headphone jack was broken, but now that it is fixed, I don't think I quite need a Mojo.  My loss is your gain. $450 shipped, pp fees extra or gift. 
Thanks. Dang, that's a bummer. 
So is there no explanation for why the Mojo hisses when you plug it into power when turned off?
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