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Haha thanks! Actually, the problem really isn't about giving up on the W3000s... it's just that there are too many options to choose from >.<... I'll send you a pm of what I mean. 
Oh no, the seller didn't send it to me. When he checked it, it had imbalance. Then he refunded my money.  So yeah, it was some head-fier from Malaysia. 
Which in the lineup would be best for vocals. Looking for a universal that renders vocals as good as or better than the 334. 
Whoops. looks like that one in particular had channel imbalance. got refunded. But not too sure where to go from here. Slowly the urge to get a W3000 is dwindling haha. 
Looking for the above headphones. This list may grow or shrink. Shoot me and offer :).    Noble Audio K10U Final Audio Design Lab I Alpha Dog  FitEar TG334! ATH W3000ANV (mint only) Fostex TH600
Trying to buy another power supply for my P-H amp, because I left the brick in NY.    Would something like this work?
Will UE be there?    I'm trying to convince a friend to come with me and I know that UE does impressions/a discount if you order at a meet. 
Nope!  I've owned the TH900 before and couldn't take the recessed vocals. So based off of reviews and friends who listen to the same music as me, I've decided to try these out. 
And done. Will be receiving it when the seller (not that particular listing, it is still open if anyone is interested) ships it out. Woo~ Excited!
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