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Nice mice :D.    We all await your impressions!
I've heard that the Monet deals with anisong from the (70s?). Well either way, it was created not with "modern" anisong in mind. Of course you get the feeling of exclusivity :D. Since only dem lucky Japanese residents can purchase the Monet.
How the heck did we get into the same boring topic of grossly priced headphone systems again? Leave that talk to the actual gear threads...
Hmm.. I'm not even sure if it's the port. But something's causing the right channel to not work. Hmm seems to be series channel imbalance when the volume knob is very low. Adjust the sliders, turn the knob up, it gets better.
Oh, I remember why I didn't use P-H anymore. It's cuz the USB input is a bit loose now and so only plays music in one channel.   Dunno how to fix it.
Wouldn't be better any other way :3
Click once. It registers as two clicks. (left clicks). Pretty annoying
I had to get a new Razer Naga since my old one started getting the double click problem.
Ugh... just thinking about spending another $700 for the SR upgrade .... XD    Makes me shiver with guilt :D.
Tsunderes seem to always make a story so painful to watch... 
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