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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.    Hyped as usual. A definite strong series right there :).
Blade X Soul anime... why...   just why...   another boring Queen's Blade alternative....       (although I'm sure the game would have better art/story than the anime)
The Cruzerlite case is amazing for saving battery life.    Since the power button is hard to press with the case on, I'm less tempted to turn on the screen.   Less screen=more battery life for music.   Ingenious.     Thank you Cruzerlite.
I gotta get myself one of those stands. What do you think of it so far?
Ofc And of course im open to trades as well.
So I've had my ZX1 for a couple of weeks now, but am still debating whether I want to keep it or not. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Android OS. I stick to the iOS interface. So just putting this up as interest check to see if anyone's interested.   It comes with a Cruzerlite black case.   Pm me with any offers.   *edit, I've come up with a price that if not met, I would probably not sell. I'd take too much of a loss and would rather keep it than sell it.    I'm...
Yea, though you have to be careful about that. I know a head-fier who went to Japan and came back empty handed even though he had a resident friend to help. I wish I could remember his user... but sadly I do not. He could talk about his experience.Most resellers in Japan now tend to redirect people towards Jabens/foreign resellers. At least that's what I've heard.
Although I'd like to make the assumption that Japan is very nationalistic, I feel that statements like these might delve into sensitive matter. I think its best to stay away from subjects like these.
Everywhere not Sakura Trick Non Yuri animes have the best Yuri :3
Best Yuri is when they do it without even trying.
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