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I'm hoping I can maybe ship it for around $100... hopefully... or else all my investment into the sculpture will be for nothing haha XD.
Oh and also, if I wanna ship something that is basically 3 ft tall, 2 ft wide, and maybe 1 ft long, how should I do that?    I've been searching for packaging boxes that large but to no avail. (Shipping metal/plexi sculpture back home)
What is it like to have a bass headache? I've always been curious.
Good Job! 
Does anyone know if updating to OS Yosemite will brick or undo torrented software?
See you next FitEar 
I'm not sure traveling to Japan would work. I think the major resellers there (Fujiya Avic and E-Earphone) would turn away foreigners without perm residency... I had to get mine from Jaben HK because I heard from another head-fier who went to Japan and left empty handed...
You cannot get them in the US. The only way is to travel to a (most commonly asian) country that has official distributors of FitEar. If you go to Jaben, they provide impressions on the spot, so that is probably the best way to do it. You can then have your customs sent back to your home address back in the states.  I wish I could have gone to Japan and just ordered directly, as resellers do have a price markup of a few hundred dollars, but sadly they turn down anyone who...
that is pretty nice~... added to library ..nvm school blocked jpopsuki
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