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Still fate. Fate Grand Order. Although its not a pillow but a blanket. Dakimakuras are expensive >,
A mini update. Here's my haul from my first Comiket. Didn't go wild with Doujins and stayed with official merch.      Never was it so hard to spend money. Freaking 5 hr wait before the place opened. And then another 1 hr to get to the booth, and still there was stuff sold out. 
Got a package in the mail. Sadly won't be able to open it until after New Years.    Hopefully my parents don't open it first. 
Anything worth watching this black friday?
Can't wait til they start playing new music. 
Yeah, and in our case, since we were switching between the two of us, he kept talking to either me or my friend.  You know, small talk. 
Cool. Yeah, the Orpheus is only by in store reservation slots. My friend and I got to listen and it was around 30minutes.  There was a "guide" that showed us the unit and had a laptop ready with tidal music.  We were also allowed to just plug things via usb. They had your typical camera kit adapter for iphone users and other options for other phones. Pretty much if you bring a phone you should be fine. 
Though I knew J-stuff has schiit mastering, most of my anisong definitely wasn't flattering on the Orpheus.    Hibike orchestral sounded gud though.    Then proceeded to listen to some mainstream Fleetwood Mac, Port Blue, and other various normal music.    Which def sounded better. Would buy/10.   
Up for this year as well.    CONUS would be nice, but could go international if need be. 
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