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Since FitEar does have this long of a waiting period, I'm curious if maybe some of the rare misfits may be due to the canal shape changing drastically in the span of a couple months.
The best cure for internet addiction is to be too busy to even think about using the computer.    So many things to buy for ease of living. Stuff that you wouldn't normally think about...   I hope I get the living pattern down before classes start.
Living without parent direct support is harder than I thought.. I'm so exhausted after this move in. Hopefully I'll get used to it these next few months.
Wut...  the second one's catchy :D
Trying to give my account to someone who would want to play. I won't have the time to play anymore.
Anyone here play Tera?
Still about 2 more weeks until I receive mine. Prob gonna have to get it shipped to the dorm.
Waking up from an afternoon nap, I find the house empty as usual. Except this time, I got a taste of what homesickness might feel like when I move out in a few weeks...
Nice mice :D.    We all await your impressions!
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