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Can't use those on the streets of NY. Gonna get mugged. 
Uh oh. Just broke my Rockets. No more listening on the go anymore. 
Wow, this is right by my school. Would definitely love to attend. 
Personally I dig Re:Zero as an entertaining watch this season. All the characters (besides Emilia) drew me to them and I could easily empathize with each. Honestly, the time-reset gimmick never really interested me and I'm glad that became secondary focus in the second half, but the presentation and character development was good enough to draw me in every week. I could see it getting stale if you try to binge watch it though. There were some flaws here and there and alot...
Damn. So lucky :). HK definitely does get the good jp stuff.
I'd like to listen to your setup one day :D.  Currently the only proven way to spend less for me is to get off head-fi. 
Beautiful Color!     ...see Tidds, you should have gotten nep phones. 
Would you say that the failure rate of 009s to be higher than the 007s? 
Sold my 007As. Looking for 009s. Mint. That's about it.    Pm me any offers :).      As for my location, for shipping questions, I go between California and NYC. 
I have a mint condition SR-007A that I attained last year that just isn't getting enough usage. Since I'm away from home most of the time for uni, it has been sitting in its carrying case for a while.    Pulled it out to take photos.    I figured I'd go one of two routes, upgrade, or sell.  I'm willing to let this baby go for $1200 + shipping + paypal fees, or as a trade for a 009, ofc money on my side.      edit: Payment pending...
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