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Curious, why were they discontinued again?
Haha look at that smile :D.  Congrats!
Nagato Yuki Ep 1.   Yup, dis is moe slice of life for sure.  Everything so round and fluffy. Kinda boring, but then again I thought the original series was a bit boring too. 
Wooo 10k! (Hope I didn't miss it)   Also, been obsessed with Amazarashi lately. Any fans here?     ****wooo, fashionably late. Snagged the last 10k page post :D. 
Nice Boat!
 The Impoirial March
You can also get spinfit tips from amazon jp or e-earphone. Honestly I wouldn't recommend them since my experience with them wasnt the best. It would deform inside my ear and feel like it would slip out. But if you can make it work. More power to you.
Does anything like this   exist that's maybe cheaper?
hehe... fetus... idk why I found that hilarious.
Ordered. Everything should be set.  Nop. Have zero experience with arduino stuff. As for the cables and such, I think our school has that stuff? Since the lab is for DLD students, they should have jumper cables? 
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