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Pm me for details ~.^ This is one bore right? Looks like two circles fused as one. 
I actually can't :P. Since it only has one bore :D. It's a 3>1 design. Apparently my ear canals are that small :D  I'm getting new stuff from my old music with the 335s. I can also see why you saw my TG334 as a bit warm. Compared to the bass on this custom fitted 335, the 334 sounded a bit less punchy.  Yea, the 334's are nice when I wanted vocals and nothing else.  Another interesting observation, the harmonies are more apparent in the 335s. 
Is it bad that my pair of 335s terminates in just one giant hole? It looks like 3 sound tubes turning into one opening.
Finally.     Journey complete.
Hmm interesting :D.  Another anxious week for me until I get my customs. Then I'll stop thinking about earphones for a while hopefully.
 Was just wondering how they do with your usual run of the mill Anisongs/Vocaloids. Like to get a sense of what they emphasize and what they don't. I've also heard that they might be similar to the MH335DW from a post by Shigzeo. From what I've read, they feel like they build on the Heir 8A? Bassy warm sig? Thick sounding? Just curious and all, with the unveiling of their new "Prestige" line bringing K10 back into my mind, though I have no urge to purchase one. 
I'm curious, who here were the peeps who heard the K10?
Schiit Fulla. I wanna try one of those, looks quite affordable for a dongle type at only $79
Curious. With this new subtractive process, will the shell be physically stronger? 
Why does ufotable always hit it out of the park :<. Ned moar.
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