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FitEar is pretty af for sure. 
I enjoyed it. Enough to buy merch at least. It's pretty yuri bait. Kyoto-animation animation standards during the dramatic scenes. Music is pretty nice too. S1 was more...fleshed out in terms of story. S2 felt like a drama fest, but we stayed cuz we loved best grills. 
As expected. Hibike won favorite anime of the year by 2 ch -ers.   And they were second for last year's rankings.     But again, it's 2ch-ers. What does it even mean?
Heh, true true.  But that iron :D. Japanese metal.  Maybe next trip. Too many things to see/buy. Not enough time. 
Yeah. Had to bring 2 of them back. One for my mom and one for my aunt. Apparently they make tea taste better. 
Just character designs for the characters in the game. Process work and stuff.  Kinda like a Pokedex. 
Thanks Santa!   
I want that chicken. So fluffy.  But yeah, Type-Moon does kimonos well.  January is Shiki! When you lay it out all like that, it honestly doesn't look like much ~.~  
Still fate. Fate Grand Order. Although its not a pillow but a blanket. Dakimakuras are expensive >,
A mini update. Here's my haul from my first Comiket. Didn't go wild with Doujins and stayed with official merch.      Never was it so hard to spend money. Freaking 5 hr wait before the place opened. And then another 1 hr to get to the booth, and still there was stuff sold out. 
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