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  Eh? You're that excited for it? aaa.. good for you I guess? Still seems like a thin layer of plot though... Nowadays I just watch the raws instead of waiting for the subs for Ange.  Not enough good anime this season, so it'll have to do.
Yup :) Not a big fan of it. But it's not bad. I prefer watching MADs of NonNonBiyori :D
I kinda dropped GuP halfway through the first ep... still have no drive in picking it up ~.~
Just realized, I actually now have so much Madoka merchandise now~ QB Hat, QB Plush, Madoka Cast Nendroids, Madoka mousepad, and Madoka engraved Project-H I guess I'm finally a "true" fan of the series?
Woo, another one to the collection! Thanks SS! Actually been needing a hat for the cold. And I know which one I'll be wearing from now on :D.    2014 SS feat. 2013 SSs  
Another package came unexpectedly.    Wow, I've actually been needing a hat for the cold. It's so warm and fluffy~ Thanks SS!   (Displaying 2013's SS as well :D) 
If you have a pack of Muse Spin Fit Eartips that you would like to sell, please pm me.    Thanks!
[[SPOILER]] a bit cliched...
Celty best girl
Wait... can other animes reference other animes directly?      I'm watching Durarara II right now... and I'm surprised they actually said the titles out loud rather than censoring them.
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