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Anyone know where they sell reverse polarity adapters that can be used on a 12v adapter? I hear thats a way to get past the 120v to 100v conversion.
Is Love Live still going on? 
Oh boy... FitEar's using color... 
I forgot where I heard this from... but the stripes are supposed to represent the tsun and the dere part of the character who wears them 
Don't know if any of you know Deco 27.    But I think that's the TH900s?   
Hmm, I didn't know Fostex had artist endorsements?   Anyways, that looks like Deco 27 using the TH900s. 
or Save that first $100 
Doesn't seem to lag for me.
These are valid questions, but I would appreciate if you could send as a PM, just so it doesn't get cluttered here.      With regards to the 252S, I have a friend who says it drives the 007 "ok." But besides that, I do have plans to get a KGSSHV built in the future. Thank you for your concern :). 
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