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Also, holy crap Fate/Stay Night pulls out a 50 min episode out of no where... Dat animation quality as well.    But when does next season start?   April...   Sad face :(
Speaking of Yuuki Yuuna... have you seen this? hint: it's not just a clip of episode 11.  I'm an easily shaken person, so I felt the feels.
Haha funny that I'm actually studying more during break than I studied for schoolzies.    The test should be easy though. Getting an insurance license. :)
Koucha wa nomitai~~ne~~
Find a generic moeblob show to watch. :DPeople like seeing moeblobs wallowing in despair. It's a thing nowadays. Since the genre is basically solidified after Madoka, now creators can satisfy their darkest fantasies of seeing the dream's of young girls get broken over and over again. 
Best girl  ship.
Merry Christmas Eve folks :D! Only 13 more hours until the day over here.
Woah, is there a story behind Boris' name change? 
Hmm that's weird... streaming suddenly became extremely slow on my home net... I'm now forced to download anime instead of streaming 720p arkvid vers
Finally the first term is over~... Break.... yay!
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