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Anyone know how i could buy games from the japanese app store? I can purchase free stuff but not the non free stuff
Can't you go into "view" tab to change it? If not, I don't think I'm going to upgrade 
But.... twin tails... ...honestly, I never liked the hairstyle... but I guess it gets enough love to get its own show.
] The Japanese really love them accents too :D. Chloe's accent, commenting about it on niconico was a thing with these vids.
Haha, I still remember when the first CM came out on Nico nico. And the numerous spoofs that were made from it :D. Who knew it'd go this far :3
If it's my case, don't worry. I guess I have abnormal ears.  My previous custom went through 2 refits without getting it spot on, so bad I had to sell it. In comparison, FitEar did quite well. My left ear is always so funky. I wouldn't worry to much.
Hey, raptor, do your ear canals change pretty drastically when u lie down? Even FitEar can't accomodate for my ear change. Still uncomfortable and poor seal when I listen to music on the bed face up. 
That bad? Ouch. I haven't seen it yet.
I'm curious, is it normal for the fit to get not so great when lying down? That would make sense since I didn't take my impressions in a reclining position, but I was wondering. .
Pm me for details ~.^ This is one bore right? Looks like two circles fused as one. 
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