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I have a question for all the knife experts here. What things do you look for in an ergonomic fixed blade knife?    Since I have a bronze casting class, I figured I would try and make a decorative knife for fun.   Might put some fantasy elements in there for fun, but I don't really want it to be too cumbersome in the usage department although bronze might not like getting edc-ed. 
I would.
Have to say that this is pretty true.    Source: Gintama 2017
Brightening the gloomy day with tourist bought macha tea.   Complete with gold flakes.  
Was checking out Riyo's earlier works, before he made the web comic series for FGO  Turns out he did animations too. Wow. Boy are they full of energy.   
The new season should start soon right? 
I don't know if the Monet17s are still Japan only. But FitEars are still a only Asia obtainable thing. 
Not yet. My mom put it on the buddhist alter for now.  I like the FitEar Aya the best from the demos. Didn't get to try the Monet17s but those are probably unobtainable anyways. 
I know I go to an art school and people aren't really tech savy. But I got really scared when half the people in my web design class didn't understand the concept of a desktop computer.  They were like: "What's that trash can thing (Mac Pro) supposed to do? Wait, the computer isn't in the monitor?" 
FitEar is pretty af for sure. 
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