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Hanayamata is some serious diabetes inducing guilty pleasure schiit :<
Mhm fan/amateur works are nice. utattemita... ensoumita etcPersonally I go for vocaloid covers, never gotten into video game music just yetSigh... if only I was in Japan. could get all those CDs. 
Go get yourself a 009 + BHSE and call it a day. You can always add others later 
Haha I was just wondering. You know, to be a true fan of Suyama san, every member of the family should have his products, even the grandparents :3. It was more of a "what-if" scenario I thought about.
Another advice is to read a glorifying review of the gear before you actually listen to it. It'll improve the item's actual sound by + 500 placebo points :3.  (that was sarcasm btw, really hope no one lives their audio lives like this :<)
Oooo. Only in Japan right? I wouldn't be able to order one from outside right? Yea... all this intense listening has dulled my ears :3. Nah, I was wondering about getting the elderly in my famry some Suyama hearing aids :>. (Although I don't think they like them, they're prob need hearing aids in the future...)It's been pretty bad lately. Shouting only gets them to understand bits and pieces of phrases. Will do :D
Does FitEar sell hearing aids?
Good thing head-fi and anime streaming sites aren't blocked. Or else I'd never survive this month long vacation :>
  Thanks :D. Youtube is blocked for me as well :D.. along with Google, FB, and Niconico :<
What image is posted there? It's blocked for me :<
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