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Does anything like this   exist that's maybe cheaper?
hehe... fetus... idk why I found that hilarious.
Ordered. Everything should be set.  Nop. Have zero experience with arduino stuff. As for the cables and such, I think our school has that stuff? Since the lab is for DLD students, they should have jumper cables? 
Haha.. I should have started a few weeks earlier, since I am pressed for time. The whole thing has to be completed by April 1   So I'm prob gonna be relying on prime.    So something like this for the motor:   and this for the Arduino...
Hmm this seems like a great idea :D.  I'm trying to get all the parts purchased before I leave home for the dorms.   So the parts for the entire project breakdown: -Arduino (would this work? this is the cheapest one that I can purchase locally)-Servo ($5? where?)I think I can take these from the school lab-10k Resistor -Photo resistor (Practically any value will work, the program will just need to...
Have another question for the modders of this thread. :D   I'm trying to make something for my 3D Design class that involves tripping a laser alarm, but instead of the alarm, I want it to trigger something else, for example, like turning on a hairdryer.   Talked to some friends and here's a suggestion they came up with.    1) Get an existing laser alarm system, somehow open it up; and then cut the wire to the alarm.                     Problem with this one is I...
Yup, you're spot on about it. No BS  [[SPOILER]] Oh and I started watching Breaking Bad ( I know I'm a lil late ). It's a really nice time waster.  Too bad the real time wasters come from doing art... and crying in a corner wishing I'd taken up singing 10 years ago. (Have the courage now, but neither the time/space to practice) 
Hopefully FitEar can change the trend by making Flagships going down in price (I know Aya isn't considered flagship, but 3D printing should be a step in that direction no?). 
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