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Maybe Microsoft suffers from the same phenomenon Samsung does?  http://www.fastcodesign.com/3042408/why-samsung-design-stinks 
Vocaloid sure has come a long way~   Horray for Sachiko  
So, I just got the 007As a few weeks ago. Port modded, sounds great...    But wow... GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is a powerful and terrible thing.    Itching for a 009 already...(dammit)     So, looking for someone has a good condition 009 they want to part with and would be looking for a trade + cash on my side.    Since it's probably harder to find this trade, vs if I sold the 007A and then just bought the 009, potentially, I could be doing my wallet...
Isn't the all black 007s the MK2.5 ver whereas the 007A is considered MKII? 
I sold the 207s, and am currently using the 252s with the 007As.  Not a big fan of the shape and comfort of the Lambda series because of my own ear shape.And I felt that the 207s were bright >.< , as were the 009s with the BHSE. Loli voices pierce like no other. :( Not sure if I'm particularly sensitive to certain frequencies.  Glad to see another toy will be reaching the arsenal soon :D. 
Curious. Have you had the chance to try out a KGSSHV with the 207s? 
Although to give him the benefit of the doubt, his stuff still provides for decent entertainment. I also like the OP by Lia. For some reason it feels like a different style for her?   Also, Saturday seems to be a good day for anime: Charlotte, Durarara, Working, and that show about lustful teens which basically ends up becoming unfulfilling porn. 
The Blue Hawaii seems a lil bright for my tastes. And when paired with a 009, it gets kind of painful for my more bubbly music.  Loli voices actually hurt on the 009s. ~w~
There shouldn't be anything with the bond itself. I used 2 sided mounting tape but I can't imagine it would be the cause of making the midrange so recessed. Also, not sure if its worth noting that I cut the strips into 12 parts. I'm not ready with 3M glue just because it does create a rather permanent bond.  I removed the port mod when I put on the sorb. The bass on the sorb mod wasn't bad... but the quantity was too much. Instrumental separation and just general...
Hmm... everything sounds so thin... :(    There's alot of bass rumble. Alot of high end...    It wasn't this way when I just had the port modded 007A.    Mid range way more recessed than the port modded ver..
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