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Speaking of vocals, anyone know how to remove vocaloid vocals from a song? 
Yup probably CD rips. This project is supposed just be something fun, nothing too serious. Plus my singing isn't the greatest XD. Just wanna get something uploaded before I head off to college haha
 Haha well it's prob best if they blend into each other. Or else the flow would be terrible.  The goal would be to have an instrumental track first 30-36 secs of Lost Time Memory and then that guitar blending into the start of Kagerou Days. Vocals would then be sung by me :3.
Heh well to be on the more positive side of things, it's not that you can't do anything about them, you just have to try a lil harder (or alot) to reach your goal. That's all :D.
Heh. I keep coming up with projects/ideas that I can't accomplish myself. Sigh... well, it was worth a try XD.
Um is anyone here pro at mixing stuff. Music editing or whatnot?   I suddenly had an idea to combine two parts of a song together but, of course, I don't have the skill to do so.    The plan is to combine the first 30 secs of Jin's Lost Time Memory (basically that first verse) with the rest of Kagerou Days. So sort of like a vocamash thing.      Maybe a smooth place for a transition would be at 0:36 ish of Lost Time Memory with the guitars paired up with the...
Mind sending over a list with all your albums that have covers in them? whenever you have the time XD. I'd be really grateful if you could XD
I'm curious, how can I search for more vocaloid cover albums? Right now I'm just using utaite wiki to find some nicodouga singers who I know cover vocaloid songs in their albums. But besides that I'm lost.    Also, @ raptor, what was the album you showed us during the meetup, which had various covers.
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