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I'm looking for a silver cable with 1/4" plug for my Senn HD650.  Would prefer a Moon Audio Silver Dragon v.3, but willing to consider other silver cables, especially the Zu Mobius.  Needs to be at least 5 feet long, and prefereably longer.  Please PM me if you have one to sell.   Thanks, Todd
I neglected to mention that this amp has both a single ended headpohone output at the rear (two of them, actually) and a dual 3-pin balanced headphone output at the front.
Selling my Decware Taboo mk.III. Was using it with Audeze LCD-2 headphones and balanced cable, and it was great.  However, I need to downsize my system to afford upgrades to my DAC and maybe a server.  Sold the headphones and now I'm selling the amp.  Second owner.  Perfect condition operationally and cosmetically.  Comes with some extra russian tubes.  PM me if interested.  Serious inquiries only, please.
Selling my LCD-2 with rev.2 drivers. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. Comes with Moon-Audio Silver Dragon cable, v.3--5 feet with dual 3 pin XLR connections. Also comes with Pelican case from Audeze. Selling to move back to dynamic headphones. PM me with questions. I do not have the single ended cable for these headphones. I will sell the headphones without a cable for $550. Thanks, Todd.
Selling my ALO cable for the LCD-2/3 headphones. I believe this is the original copper version. Cable is in excellent condition with no signs of wear. See photos. Cable is 7 feet long. Shipping included. Selling because I'm moving to an all silver balanced dual 3-pin cable--so, I am also willing to trade for that. Thanks, Todd
Looking for the MLB, Decware's first headphone amp. Please PM me if you'd be interested in selling yours. Thanks, Todd
  No, it WAS called the "Conuctor" 'cause I'm dumn.  I've corrected it.  Thanks.
Selling my Burson Conductor.  Only a few months old, so it's in mint condition with original packaging.  Selling because I've decided to go back to tubes and will be moving to a more expensive amp.  Price does not include shipping.  PM me if interested.   Thanks, Todd
PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING TO THE CON US.   This vintage receiver makes a great headphone amp, as do many of the vintage marantz receivers.  Do a search for the vintage receiver thread if you are unfamiliar.  Plenty of power for and sounds great with my Audeze LCD-2's.  Those are the only phones I've tried with it.  The receiver is in great working condition and good cosmetic condition for its age.  Take a look at the pics.   All tone functions work smoothly as does the...
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