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Movement: Seiko 4R36 Crystal: Seiko Hardlex (Domed) Case: Brushed stainless steel Dimensions: 43mm x 14mm  Caseback: Engraved screw-in Crown: screw down Dial: black Strap/bracelet: black Seiko rubber WR: 200 meters No scratches on glass/face; some minor scratches on body of the watch from daily use   Trying to sell to fund headphone purchases   Comes with everything pictured (box, warranty card, strap, etc.)  What you see in the pictures is what you will be...   Hello head-fi,   Just received the headphones and wanted to get this message up really quick.  The link above is a video showing a quick unboxing of the Spidercable TinyEar IEM's which I received if anyone was interested. I'll have a video review up in 1-2 weeks, but my initial impressions are in line with what everyone has said already. Sound quality aside, I am really liking the aesthetics of the...
Music is a part of me and my life. I am an avid musician and I have been listening too music for as long as I can remember.  Music brings me into a state of relaxation and warmth.  To me, music is part of what makes living actually living, not just surviving. 
  Do you have balanced headphones? If so, which ones?       -Not yet.  If not, are you looking at balanced headphones or a balanced amp in the future?      -Yes, I plan to get an (undecided) balanced amp in the near future. For balanced headphone output, how important is it to have dual three-pin XLRs as well as a 4-pin XLR?      -Not too knowledgeable on the perks and the downsides of either/both, so I have no preference.  For a balanced amp, how important...
Also, dweaver, congrats on the sucessful mod, maybe I will try it if I ever get the GR07's. I might, since they're not expensive compared to other IEM's. ahh i tried to edit, the post and now I'm stuck with two posts on the same topic. sorry guys, still learning here. 
congrats on the sucessful mod! 
Thanks to all the Head-fiers for the useful responses. I have chosen to get the UM3X's since that was what I originally planned on buying, but now I have more knowledge on good universals which I can buy in the future. (definitely plan on doing) This has really been helpful, and although the purpose of this thread had served me well, it may help others, so keep on posting 
  You have small ears and have trouble using normal IEM You sometimes listen to your music while you are sleeping Looking for super light weight earphone for sports (running, jogging)   I qualify for 2 and 3 and partially 1. -I have small ear canals, but I only have trouble with certain IEM's like the UE Triple Fi 10's which never had a good fit in my ear. -I often listen to my music while I'm sleeping if I go on a long car ride. ( I like to use...
Yeah, I already expected that. I just wanted to see a variety of people's top 3's and overview it as a collective. Thanks for the input, and I've noticed that the UM3X and some other BA headphones seem to have high impedence. ~50 ohms. Is it likely I would need to invest in an amp as well? 
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