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Hey just thought I'd add my impressions trying to find an upgrade to my current Shure SE215. After trying many other headphones (Jays, Monster, UE, Etymotic, Rock-It Sounds and Sony) I have to say that these are easily the best. Although the Rock-Its are exceptionally clear (but also super forward) and the Monster are fun if you're in the mood for bass.   I find the Vsonic GR07 BE to be fairly flat, clear and most of all clean. Very low distortion. Good isolation...
Thanks emospence and Iwien, I have looked at many, many headphones but for some reason have not looked at hifiman before. I'll check them out!
  Ya that's kind of what I think. I love the SE215 because they are super rugged and have decent sound, but the low end is muddy. The HF5 and R-50 have anemic bass but it is clear. I am not sure if I find the R-50 too bright though. The HF5 are definitely accurate and revealing but I remember finding their sound to be thin.
What do people think of the R-50s versus the Shure SE215 or the Etymotic HF5?
FYI These are listed online now, under "Earbuds/In-Ear". Whether or not they were there all along I'll never know :)  
Hi Rosmadi, Cool, good to know. Why aren't they listed on your site? Which sennheiser IEM are considered high end or audiophile?
Does anybody know if the IE80s are being discontinued? They are not listed on their website unless I specifically search for them. (In other words they are not listed under the "Headphones & Headsets" page that I could find.) I thought the IE800s might be a replacement but clearly they are not.   Thanks
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II confirmed working with optical SPDIF to my Benchmark on Samsung Galaxy S III.
I can confirm the Benchmark DAC1-PRE does NOT work with the Samsung Galaxy S III. I verified USB OTG with a kb and mouse and that works fine (as well as providing an amusing smartphone experience). Has anyone verified any USB to SPDIF converters? I was thinking of picking up a cheap Turtle Beach Micro 2. There is a video on youtube of the original Micro working.
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