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After long thinking whether to choose FXT90 or GR07, I decided to jump aboard to FXT90 club, because I want to try the "fun" sound signature within..  Mine is FXT90 Gold Limited Edition , just arrived this afternoon.. first impression: very good.. currently in burning process.. how long does it takes to fully burn this IEM? (I'm burning with FLAC tracks..)
last month my Zero's right earpiece also breaking apart, but then I superglued them and it is solid, no problem so far..   SQ wise, I'm loving this IEM... I take it on the bus & subway, the isolation is enough for me to hear the music's detail albeit the bass department sometimes unclear because of the bus engine roaring.. my other IEM is gaining dust in my "Audio Equipment Bag"   
for now, the downside from you guys is about sibilant issue.. coming from RE-ZERO, will I find it irritating issue? anyone have these two phone to confirm this?   what about the build quality? I'm reading that some of the parts are not glued properly..  
good explanation, really answering my curiousness..      
I'm really confused whether to buy this or not.. tell me all the reasons not to buy this IEM? (because I want to know the negative side about this IEM;; for the positive side I already read enough..) please give me your opinion..
Interesting.. I'll wait and see..     
the red looks good... Is this just another color for SE535 or there is difference sonic-wise with the regular edition? *I can't read all of those japanese language...
I hope your prediction will come true... hehe.. then I will get the 272 for cheap..    
you can try soundmagic pl 30 for comfort... or maybe superlux hd 381 series (hybrid earbud & IEM design)...   I have both of them, and I can say that they really disappear in my ear when I use them and can hear them for hours without problem..
very interesting chart.. hopefully the SQ is not casual..
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