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It was mentioned in some of the review websites, and I also have a broken BA200 which reveals the Acupass driver. I don't think manufacturers would want to tell you what they use in their earphones, so it is pretty much up to the community to reveal what is inside the IEM.
Well there is always Forza 6 Apex in the Windows Store (which is free), and that is an excellent gateway to racing games. Proper solid stuff, and the graphics is nothing short of brilliant. Well I can only play tomorrow but I am pretty stoked
I believe the BA200 doesn't have a crossover because it doesn't need one. Crossover circuits are usually low pass and high pass filters that sends the specific signals to the desired BA. But for BA200's case there is a specially machined plate that acts like a mechanical crossover, which is a special feature of the Acupass driver, thus no crossover circuits.   The Y-splitter only contains circuitry that controls the impedance, so not something particularly worrying.
Hi guys, been a week or two since I last visited LOL   Just bought DiRT Rally (like FINALLY), City Skylines, ETS 2, AOE II and AOE III complete with expansion
Am I like the only person who haven't watched Kimi no Na Wa yet?   Maybe I should watch... soon   And off topic a little   Last week that was a doujin and cosplay convention which I was supposed to help out my booth but ended up taking photos the whole two days   Was shooting with a 17-50 f2.8 and a 50-200 f4-5.6, and was like thinking that having a 70-200 f2.8 would be better   Saw a really good deal on the Sigma 70-200 f2.8, so I bought one  
Finally one of my two dream lenses, got it at a pretty good price
My guess is GPU though I am not sure about it
Excited for Ryzen even though I am not gonna buy it   I hope AMD does good
Eh no But reminds me of this friend in my university, who uses this term a lot as well
Anyway I was thinking Bottlehead Crack
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