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I believe it is made of similar materials as dynamic drivers, since most of its workings are still based on a dynamic driverExcept that they have a metal shell outside, which gives the BA a mostly "fixed" sound so the drivers can be combined to the desire of the manufacturer
The best test is still the songs you listen to, because that is ultimately what you will be listening to most of the time No point testing if you do not like the song haha For me, I like a variety of genres, so I have a lot of nice songs I like that I can test with
 Think I might not have phrased it clearly The mids IMO the same as the original GR07, still sweet enough for me to love it... It is just not as forward as the MKII
hmmm the C400 is a dual BA the C560r is a dynamic I think
Hmm has anyone heard the Denon AH-C400 before?
Since I heard some new IEMs, shall update this list Westone 4 = UE900 => BA200 = GR07 MKII = GR07 Classic > DBA02 MK II = R-50 = LG Quadbeat > TDK EB950 = Sony XBA-H1 > SE215 LE = Creative Aurvana Inear3 > SE215 > Etymotic MC5 = Soundmagic PL-50 => Dunu Hephaes = Dunu Ares = Dunu Crius = VSonic GR99 = Monoprice 8320 = Superfi 3/UHP336 > Soundmagic PL-30 > JVC Marshmallows My BA200 is still my beloved though
Hi all My friend brought me both his GR07 MKII and GR07 Classic for comparison today From my impressions, both are really almost identical in sound quality and signature, except that the classic seems less forward in the mids.
My friend just happened to have both a VSonic GR07MKII and GR07 Classic. The GR07 Classic is to replace his GR07 MKII which has a loose connection (though still perfectly reasonable for a review) I am a BA200 user, but I hold the GR07 MKII in equally high regard. The GR07 MKII wows me with its quick yet natural bass, sweet mids and extended highs, though it is just as revealing of sibilance as the BA200. With the release of the GR07 Classic, there is an announcement that...
Hi all as usual... I have to say it has been a while since I have been here My phone got damaged, and I lost all my progress in Love Live... Currently clearing Railgun S, so far the first part is excellent but not sure about the second Hmm today I have my hands on my friend's new GR07 Classic which replaces his GR07 MKII. I have my BA200 with me so I will come up with comparisons shortly, but so far from my memory of the GR07 MKII, they sound pretty similar except maybe...
Hmmm closest alternative I can think of is the Sennheiser PX100 (or the PX100-II if you can't find them)   Still loved my Portapros though
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