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LOL  Cosplay of the day For the lols  I don't think much (if any people) likes K-Pop... But ignoring the excessive Michael Bay-esque explosions in the video, this is pretty nice The style (emulating J-rock) is pretty rare among the excessive dance-pop in K-Pop
I really have no idea how to draw on a phone   I just suck at digital media haha
Casual smoker here Personal preference being Malboro Black Menthol and Malboro Gold. Next Chill is pretty decent but too chilly for me, Winston Red Classic is a tad harsh lol
Hmm I wonder if my DAC amp combo could power it well though100 days before I am discharged from the military, I am thinking whether to extend my service as an instructor
AKG k7xx so tempting... 100 days more Now decisions decisions
Won't mind being exchanged to Africa lol
Cosplay of the day Time to have my phone confiscated for a while ~
Thank you haha I don't mind joining... International is fine for me haha
Oh wow I didn't know thatThanks
I want to join but can't reply
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