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I am pretty interested in the Surface (or maybe Surface Pro) too   Looks like an excellent choice for portable work and illustration
So the account with my favourite Kancolle and Touhou arrangements is closed   What a bummer   5 days with a new French Press to brew coffee and I am really happy   So much better and healthier than instant coffee   So nice that I want to experiment with different arabica blends and purchase a burr grinder and aeropress
I work on my poi sample first lol The sample feels a little odd when played back on the first song
Why not a Seiko  Trying to replace the main melody of Sandstorm with poi Kinda worked, though some parts are so low it sounds weird
Anything with "Astell & Kern" on it would be more expensive than it should be I am still pretty much bummed over the fact that there is a Love Live AK10... I am really tempted to write a troll advertisement or troll review of it My iPod Nano 7G is just enough for me lol... the screen is slightly damaged but otherwise a pretty good player
Just finished Tamako Market   I know not a lot of you like this show, but this show has a warm fuzzy feeling (though can be a little boring at times)   I really really like Tamako's design though, that character design is just absolutely brilliant
Fluffy is goodNo bloodshed or anything, just peacefulness
Just finished both seasons of Silver Spoon while working on Gunpla today   Pretty good stuff   And I like how they make Hariyama-sensei's face look a bit like Buddha
I love Amagi Brilliant Park and Clannad is just amazing   K-On is okay, I still need to get on to Tamako Market, Air and Hyouka though...
Hmmm mainly to continue anime that I have watched alreadyOreGairu S2Kiniro Mosaic S2Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (after I finish watching StrikerS which I am halfway through)Nisekoi S2 And maybe add a few moreHibike! EuphoniumShokugeki no Souma Still thinking whether to watch the yuki-chan one And I need to get myself to actually watch them (currently watching anime that has been in my computer)I still can't find a good reference image of Yoshino Nanjo
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