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Hey there, I currently have a pair of Sony MDR XB500's and Audio Technica ATH-M50's and I was wondering if I should get the Fiio E10 DAC/AMP combo or just the CMOY BB amplifier. The audio coming out of my laptop sounds lacking while my Samsung Galaxy S1 can run drive them just fine but only while it's running poweramp. Would I benefit a lot from the included DAC in the E10? My budget is ~$70 Canadian. Thanks!
    Yeah, it's amp only. I'd be willing to just get an amp as I'm sure neither my phone or laptop properly drive my headphones anyways. I'll buy a dedicated sound card down the road when I get a desktop.
Top ~$100 amps reviewed:
Possibly, I'll go look at other DACs as well. Do you think the JDS CmoyBB is worth $60 though?
  Is the xonar worth it? It seems to be a normal everyday sound card.
Which Fiio are you talking about? I see plenty of them on headphonebar's site atm.
Hey there! I'm new to the audiophile scene, and I currently have a pair of XB500s and M50's on hand. I was wondering what amps would benefit  these two headphones the most at this price range. I use a laptop as my main source, and it doesn't have the greatest sound card built into it. Would I benefit from using a USB DAC instead of the normal 3.5mm jack or can I just use a normal amp hooked up to the laptop via the cable? Thanks!
I don't even think they allow price matching from online vendors, or else everyone would have shown them an amazon page or something of the sorts...
I live in Canada. Best Buy would charge me 69.99 for these :(    
Hey guys, I am planning to get the XB500 headphones tomorrow, but I have a few questions,   Is it worth the 70 dollars I am going to spend on it?   Is it very muddy, or is it EQ-able?   How would I set the equalizer if I need to?   and is the bass badass enough for dubstep? :D   thank you!
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