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Well i went with the M50's.  Got from Amazon so I can return easy if I don't like em. Thanks
Ok, last call to give me advice on XB700 vs ATH-M50 vs Ultrasone 580. Any takers? 
Ok, I'm going to be ordering some headphones today.  I decided against the AD700's, I need some base.  Im really leaning towards the XB700's, I'm a little worried the bass on those might overpower everything, I like hard base but I don't want it to overpower the rest of the music/movie/game.  The only other thing I'm looking at would be a $100-$150 Sennheiser, like the 595's or similar.  But it seems like everything good around that price range is criticized for having...
Interesting, I think I need to rethink the AT's then.  I def dont think the UR40s are too bassy at all.  I might take a harder look at the Sony's, im not an Audiophile, so def looking for something more in the "fun" department.   And no I dont need an open, if anything I would prefer closed.
Thanks, been doing a lot of research on the AD700, and it looks like a great option.  The only thing that has me concerned is the lack of bass.  Wouldn't the lack of base be a detriment for games and especially movies?  How would the bass on the AD700's compare to my UR-40's? I don't feel like they have much base, I deff wouldn't want something with less.   Would the Sony MDR-XB700 be a better option for my situation?  I don't want to have to get an amp but ill be...
Thanks BotByte, I think you just sold me on those.  Would they be better than the Sennheiser HD555's?
Need some advice on my next headphones, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to good headphones so forgive the newbness.    I have a pair of UR-40's that I have been using for the past few years that are starting to fall apart.  I always liked them but didn't learn that they are actually quite good for how cheap they are until recently.  My finding them was entirely an accident, we were getting rid of them at work and I got them cheap.  Now that they are...
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