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Well I officially faxed them the documents they asked for.  Had my manager write up a letter explaining that he sells Sony headphone, and those aren't Sony headphones.  Metal vs plastic, quality of pads, etc.  Also attached his business card to the fax and put on the store phone #.  That's the best I can do, its up to paypal now.  Thanks guys, wish me luck!  Ill report back when I hear from paypal. 
Ok, I relent, BAD thread title. I was just ticked off.  I still use ebay, and will continue to do so, im more upset with paypal than ebay.   And sphinxvc, I work at Radioshack, we sell some Sony headphones.  Maybe ill just write something and have my manager sign it, I know he'd back me if they called him lol.
So I made this thread a couple of weeks ago:   Asking if I had gotten some fake XB700's, the general consensus was that I did.  Now that I have a real pair of XB700's, I can say with absolute certainty that they are super fake, the real ones are night and day better.  Well I was under the impression, and I think everyone else was too, that because I payed with paypal, I would be taken care of.  Wrong.   I...
Quote: Yep.  Thanks guys, that's pretty much what I thought.  Im working with paypal and ebay as we speak to get my money back.  The funny thing is they dont really sound too bad, but no where near what I was expect out of the xb700.  Not near enough bass lol.
No, this was ebay, not amazon.  And it was a scam, not a mistake.  Look at the pics I posted, the headphones have XB700 written on them.  And upon closer inspection of the packaging, the package says both XB700, and 40mm drivers.  This is a straight up KIRF.  I would honestly be surprised if these are even real XB500's the pads even look cheaper than those.
I got these headphones off of an ebay seller in china.  They had a good feedback rating, and they came in what appeared to be sealed sony packaging.  But when I look at pictures of the XB700's, like these on amazon:   Mine look 100% different.  Mine have a black band around the earcups instead of silver, and the ear pads on mine look ALLOT cheaper...
This is an easy recommendation, Sony XB700.  If you can swing $130 the AT-M50's are also excellent, I found them to be uncomfortable but most dont.
Ouch. Thanks for the suggestions but I probably should have said, looking to stay around the same price as the 700's.
Easy question.  I got some AD700's, and they sound amazing for gaming, but I just cant get comfortable in them.  I love the headband, but the pads are just too big and hot.  I have tried a few padding mods and they just arent really working for me, any ideas?  I really like my UR-40's from a comfort perspective, for reference.  I have worn some ATH-M50's and the headband killed my head, I really do like the headband on the 700's.
Can she still return them?  If she can, try and show her that she can have amazing cans like the M50's that sounds just as good if not better for less then half the cash.   If she can't return them, drop it.  She just shelled out $300 for those headphones, and she's happy.  If you somehow managed to convince her that she made a mistake and waisted her money, what good would it do?  She's just gonna feel bad.  Why would you do that to a friend, just to feel better...
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