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Mikael, do you use this DT9205A meter for hFE? Does it work for matching the transistor?
I'm thinking about building a second one with all the trimmings. Already ordered a PCB and a few boutique components. I need to find a clone case compatible with the clone PCB.
My LC is dead quiet at full volume and no input. If it wasn't for the LED light you would think it was turned off.
Unless you have a headphone amplifier with balanced output (w/XLR connectors) there is no benefit to using balanced headphone cables.To take advantage of any benefit of a balanced system the entire signal path should be balanced; Source (XLR)> >(XLR) HeadAmp (XLR)> >(XLR) -balanced cable- > CansAlternatively;The headphone cable in the above Balanced system can be adapted to Single Ended: HeadAmp (XLR) >> (XLR to 1/4" or 1/8" adapter) >> Single Ended cable > CansBUT, if you...
Audeze don't need no stinkin' reviews
Really? Is it yours? Didn't see it before.
This is interesting...With all five OpAmps (ICE, ICL, ICR, IC1S {TL081} & IC1 {TL082}) removed I applied power.After about 10 secs I heard the relay click and the LED went red to green.Now OG to SG = 12.5V (Yay?)Output of the ICP voltage regulator = 24.1VNew OpAmps and TO-92's were ordered yesterday.FYI - The TL082CN in DIP packages are getting scarce. Production has ceased.The main suppliers (Mouser) only have them in a SO-8 (SMT) package (TL082CDT). An adapter would be...
I just cleaned the flux so will wait until tomorrow to let it dry and take measurements. Meanwhile, I'll get this out of the way... The two pairs of yellow wires are temporary for the heater rotary switch and PS fuse. The OpAmps have been temporarily removed. Verified orientation of all relevant components multiple times. Looked over all joints with magnifier several times.
Yes of course you're right. I was cut and pasting. Fixed.
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