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Here is a very nice 50VA 15V toroidal transformer available for the LC: http://www.antekinc.com/as-0515-50va-15v-transformer/ http://www.antekinc.com/content/AS-0515.pdf
You don't need accuracy to "match" transisters. "The 4 output transistors (BD139/140) have BEST performance at about temp 70°C" "The 4 Capacitors (470uF) have BEST performance at about 50°C"
I have always wondered about the LC temperature argument. You can use the argument that the transistors performance is optimized at a high temperature. But, at what cost to other components, especially capacitors? You will notice the latest version of the Matrix M-Stage (another Lehmann clone) has vents for cooling:
...posting a "graph" without a vetted source - brilliant!
[...] "Given the measurements I'm seeing, the iPhone's DAC is excellent and can produce very accurate output. [...] For sonic quality, therefore, the most important factor would be how well the headphone matches the amplifier. Assuming the iPhone 6 has an output impedance similar to the iPhone 5 around 5 ohms, a good ~40+ ohm set of high quality, high sensitivity headphones should provide excellent neutral sound. Not that lower impedance headphones would sound bad of...
They like the Grado's with "metal" because their THD levels are sky high. Plug that into their tube amp distortion and they have an eargasm - lol.Just my subjective opinion of course
Very strange!
I would wager that the EL-8 is simply revealing the true sound of your desktop system. It seems your party doesn't like how your system "really" sounds. To state that it is because the EL-8 sounds better on an iPod is utter nonsense - sorry.
I guess what I'm trying to say is don't read too far into anyone's negative review of a set of cans produced by a highly respected company like Audeze. They wouldn't produce a product that is sub-par. Besides, not much detail can be known about a critics (assumed undamaged)equipment, source, and the music's mastering. (Don't underestimate the importance of well recorded/mastered music.) Or the critic's psychoacoustic interpretation, bias and hearing acuity. Too many...
New Posts  All Forums: