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    Did you use the 12Vdc or 15Vdc torroid? Oh, and which fused AC switch panel did you use on your enclosure? Thanks!
    Which enclosure and torroid did you use?  Looks nice.
What he said ^   I noted the physical dimensions are 0.5" (12.7mm) Wide x 1.85" (38mm) Tall   Is there enough headroom to fit it into the standard size Hammond case?   Did you change any related capacitors?
  Ouch - for nearly $70 shipped it should be very exotic indeed -  rich!
  Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.  I have a LC kit still in the box and I intend to implement your recommendations.  
Quote: I'm game, Sachu.  But I'm unfamiliar... Would someone be so kind as to provide the Belleson reg. part# or link, please? - TIA.    
Yeap, that's the ticket, 3x gain.  Thanks!   Got my HA-006+ and man, this amp is sweet with my Grados.  I can finally enjoy what these headphones can offer.
When I watch YouTube at high-res (usually 720p or higher here) I almost always must pause the video and let the entire video load up into the computer's memory/buffer.  Then I'll press play and enjoy perfectly streamed video/audio.   Those Sennheiser PX-100's are excellent portable/pocket cans 
Start here (scroll down)  
I wonder if John Grado himself should have a look. Indeed, this is smart looking work.  Another class altogether.  
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