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Her   10/10   Hands down, the best movie I've seen in years. Everything about it, from the cinematography to the soundtrack and story, was heart-achingly human.    Highly recommended.  
 I wouldn't consider any of these an upgrade to the FA-4, honestly. I haven't personally heard the SE846 or Rox, but ears I trust have told me that they don't live up to the ears.
 I've seriously gotten into photography, thanks to James' influence. If you want to look into lighting, consider a kit like this: The price makes it a steal of a deal. I'm actually considering it for when I start a portrait business.
Got dragged to New Orleans for the last few days.            
I do not have enough limbs to applaud this post.There are a few members around who freely share their gear to members along with the encouragement to post impressions as freely as they like.Aside from my own friends who i exchange new gear with from time to time, there's a member in the portables section who almost always gets the latest gear and encourages world tours. He even provided the resources to start a world tour where almost any member could participate in...
  This is why I say you don't get it. You seem to have the preconceived mentality that what I, and ultimately Lachlan, are talking about is somehow related to us wanting a slice of the pie. But please, keep putting words in my mouth.
Most people who have tried an Etymotic have never really heard how it sounds.   I put the HF3 and ER4S up with the best phones I've heard. But the rule of thumb is that if it doesn't feel like the fit is ripping your inner ears apart the first time, they're not deep enough.
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