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 Same here. I was pretty disappointed.    
 Careful. The weight of that thing could stunt his growth!
This one's for James  
This was not only an example of a father's love, but also a great show of how cameras have evolved     
    I thought this was incredibly beautiful.
I'm thinking the KC06A version will be like the GR07/GR07 Bass Edition situation. I'm perfectly content with the KC06's signature, just like the BE of the GR07 didn't appeal to me at all.
 I haven't heard the 846, but I wouldn't at all say the IE800 had any more midbass than the K3003. If anything, the K3003's mids don't sound as open or effortless as the IE800's.  Second hand impressions alert: Also, my closest friends here have told me that the SE846's sound is very thick, even in the mids. This is the direct opposite of the drier, more effortless IE800.
Am I one of the few who really enjoys the IE800's bass? Because there is so little mid-bass, the IE800's sub-bass focus acts like a nice subwoofer. I actually don't even hear much bass at all when the music doesn't have much sub-bass encoded.   And then that midrange. I think I would marry it if it materialized in the form of a woman.
 I really wasn't. The Ostry is an amazing IEM, through and through.  I was supposed to send them out on tour last week, but I just now got the strength to let them go.
The KC06 US tour has started. There should be more impressions rolling in early next week.
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