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  I understand, I was just pointing out an example of a common misconception about BAs. Like people think the 3BAs of the UERM make it less capable than phones with more drivers. Not even just the UERM. IEMs like the FI-BA-SS with its single driver have more range than a lot of multi-BAs I've heard.     This is another slight peeve I've developed over the years. Something being different does not make it better. For a long time, my absolute favorite IEM was the ASG-2. It's...
A few issues in the last few posts. "Bass extension" and "treble extension" do not color an iem's sound signature. The quantities do. Secondly, the UERM, while having a relatively I colored signature, is far from boring. There was never a song I listened to with it that made me wish for more bass or treble. The UERM actually has great extension in the treble and bass. It wouldn't be called "reference" if it shorted the listener on frequency response. The Layla (which I...
@LuckyNat, I hope they're compensating you for your hard work. The Public Relations job doesn't pay as much as it used to.
  I really don't see the point of this. James444's experimentation wasn't for fun or playing around. The iems had obvious channel/FR imbalances, and his efforts have helped those who experienced similar issues instead of having to go through an arduous RMA process. He's explicitly said that there's no need to tinker with the IEMs if they sound fine. If anything, he's helped at the cost of his own time. The righteous anger is wasted here.
 Lol. I shot it with a 135mm lens, actually. I found this M42 gem ( http://www.pentaxforums.com/userreviews/sears-135mm-f2-8-auto-m42.html ) for $40. It's probably because he was slightly slouched in the chair, and I rotated him in LR.
Started experimenting with one light setups again. Shot with a single (cheapo) softbox at high enough shutter and aperture to kill the background.  
😌Btw, full frame is doing wonders for you. Congrats.
Warning...two month photo dump.                          
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