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 I agree there are some very minute differences. But  I did get a pretty big SQ boost from the LH Geek Out though, which I was pretty surprised about. The soundstage was ridiculous. I'm still convinced that they use some sort of DSP.
Because it's a perfectly good DAP. It's no worse than the iPhone, which I find totally transparent. Plus the design and UI are flawless. A&K knocked it out of the park there. I can't rate the iPhone at 5 stars and still knock the AK320 down a peg. I'd be a hypocrite. It's not my business what others spend their funds on.
I just added my review of the AK320 to the first post 
I just finished my Ak320 review:    http://www.head-fi.org/t/805678/review-astell-and-kern-ak320-ramblings-of-a-young-old-fool
Introduction/Preamble                       There are very few things about my life that I would consider certainties. Skepticism is my natural reaction to information that is not founded in some sort of established fact. Amplifying this behavior is the last several years of post grad work that has bent my mind into doubting anything that isn't peer-reviewed and based in solid science. As a result, I'm quite reluctant to believe many things.   I'm also very...
How would you guys rank the AK320 in the A&K sound hierarchy? Including the AK240.
None taken. However, someone did ask for a comparison with 2 items I've heard. That's also why I prefaced and ended my statements with certain disclaimers.
   Thanks for the alternate POV. I agree that the treble on the Ref.1 is ahead of the 2.5.  It's just that, after a million IEMs, things that are "wrong" stand out to me and pull me out of the music. Timbre is a huge huge deal, especially vocal timbre. As far as the emotional connection, IEMs with boosted mids tend to do this. I remember hearing the Final Audio PF VIII for the first time. If you want strange, but emotionally intoxicating, try that one.
  Don't think of this as a counter to your post, since the ASG-2 is no longer in production. The 2.5, which I compared to the Ref.1, is a much better thought out phone when it comes to tuning. The Ref.1 was far bassier than the 2.5, and it had a shrill Ety-like upper midrange peak that made my favorite vocalists sound very nasally. The huge bass hump combined with that peak made for a very incoherent listening experience for me. Additionally, I found the Ref.1 to seriously...
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