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 Or if Sigma comes out with a 17-50 1.8 Art for crop sensors....magic.
 I miss those days too. I had virtually no idea what I was doing with a camera, so I just set it to auto and focused on interacting with the subject. Now I'm busy fussing with gear.
 Yikes. I can't imagine trying to dial in focus with such a thin DoF https://www.keh.com/shop/canon-eos-5d-12-8-megapixel-digital-slr-camera-body-only.html Don't think twice. Just buy it. Just...buy it. The camera made me look like I knew what I was doing, even when I didn't. All of these were with the old $80 50mm 1f/1.8        
 Et tu, James?   The sd quattro has the same sensor as the dpQ cameras, with the benefit of being an ILC. It's still not usable past ISO 800 for my purposes, and is still crop sensor. If you want a Canon, go for the original 5D. It's still incredible, and can be had for under $400, which is absurd for a FF camera that's built like a tank. ISO 1600 was still usable too for me. Those fat pixels are going to be magical with your 135L
 Oh boy... now I'm tempted to find a used dp2m again...  Thanks! I don't have much of a portfolio yet, since I'm still in school. I'll try to submit more weddings to blogs though.
 I can't remember the last time I shot at f/4. Plus, it'll be f/6 or so DoF on APS-C sensors.  Oh, I've been busy. You can kind of see the latest stuff here: www.kachieke.com I'd love any feedback you have on the site.
 Hola! It's the main reason I stay with full frame DSLRs. My slowest lens is the 70-200 f/2.8. Apart from that, I never shoot at apertures smaller than f/2. There's just a 3D quality I enjoy in a photo with sharp in-focus areas, surrounded by areas falling out of focus
 Problem is, SPP is the only developer that works with Merrill and above files. Trust me, I tried everything haha. I guess if the workflow and limitations aren't a hindrance, go for it!
  I'm not sure how you shoot, but I went the same way as you...DP1s, then got the DP2m. It's a pretty sad existence not being able to shoot above ISO 400. The images are remarkably sharp, yes, but half of that sharpness comes from the processing in SPP. My DP2M went to f/2.8, but because of the APS-C sized sensor, the DoF was only f/4.  I would personally put that DP2M money towards a X100S. The feature set is far better, and you can actually shoot past 6pm. Plus SPP with...
 All too well 
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