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HiFlight, try some ortofon tips if you can
  Yeah, it was the whole idea of him that struck fear into me. This incredibly menacing character with a dogmatic view on killing people. He's definitely my favorite villain of all time. For some reason, I really like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy also portrayed this menacing character that couldn't be stopped...until the plot twist went and screwed it all up.       Just kidding :)
  Couldn't disagree more, honestly. I was hooked from start to finish. I left that movie with a very healthy fear of Javier Bardem.
My X5's battery has gone the way of Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain.   Does anyone know to go about getting a replacement, as I can't part with it for the time required to send it in for repairs.
 Not to be overly contrary or derail the thread (although I'm actually enjoying the discussion), but this is false.. What you see on the screen when you open a RAW file is drastically different from what actually hits the sensor. The vast majority of sensors employ the Bayer pixel array. Each photosite only captures one color, and individual red blue and green "pixels" are laid out side by side.    The final RAW image you see has already been processed by the camera's...
  If there is no noise floor in the high-res recording, then it would be safe to assume that any decent LAME or AAC encoder worth its salt would not magically introduce a higher noise floor. Also, if your DAC introduces audible distortions...perhaps it's time for a new DAC.   Let me take this piece by piece   Also false. Shooting in RAW allows you to make adjustments later in the event you screwed up the exposure in the first place. Proper exposure, combined with a camera...
 And here is a gigantic audio fallacy. Mastering and file format are two entirely different concepts. It is both misleading and misinformed to associate the two.  As a biologist, medicinal chemist, future pharmacist, and ex-boyfriend of an audiologist, there is absolutely no end consumer benefit to having your files in such large formats, because our feeble human anatomy cannot even come close to processing the data that would be contained if we used up the entirety of the...
My roommate, and my roommate's beard. Awesome portraits Tom. What lens are you using?
 And volume. Volume is everything. Boosting the volume on one player can, and will, give the illusion of better clarity, a larger soundstage, and other audiophile words.
  Nice and thorough review, especially the conclusion. Now I'm really interested in the 846.    Dat upper midrange spike
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