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It is great. I am loving the fine right now. I plan to purchase a calligraphy nib, my mother loves calligraphy.
Can't be more pleased with my first fountain pen.
Getting my first fountain pen, a Lamy Al Star. Very excited.
I am getting one of these for Christmas. Great to hear good quality coming out of them. Has anyone listened to Nokia Music? How is the quality of the streaming?
Plan to pick up the amazing Drive soundtrack once the money rolls in:       Amazing sort of 80ish sound.
Trap seems to be catching on. My school likes to play this a lot:
I've taken photos with my moms point and shoot. Played with the basics of photography and composition. But maybe you are right waiting though. Im not prepared to spend that amount of money I think.
  Got it. Thanks for the advice. I am excited to get into photography and learn about it.
$630 for the D3100, the usual kit lens, and the 55-200mm:
Going to be buying my first DSLR soon and I am thinking of going Nikon. Not too fond of buying a kit lenses, though I may only be able to afford the awesome deal at costco for the D3100 and have to upgrade lenses later. Very much excited. Also heard the D5200 will be coming out soon, hope it drops prices of other products.
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