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I'm considering getting them because I want big, comfy, closed back headphones. What do the sound like? Are they good for rock?
I've heard the Sennheiser HD 25's get 30 db's of isolation, and are a considered legendary on here for their fantastic sound quality, and the lack need for an amp.
I vote for the ATH M50.
598's, a 7" Android tablet, and a fiio e9/e7
But are there any cool color pads like the sennheiser one's?
If I get the sr225i's is there any mods that are worth noting? And I saw the yellow sennheiser pads that work with the sr80's, are there any like that for the 225's?  
Those are quite a bit out of my price range, right now I'm leaning towards Grados, but am open to other suggestions.
I guess soundstage doesn't really matter. I'm new to this and I just thought the more soundstage the better.
Yeah Ad700's were my first REAL headphone. I'd rather go with something a little less bulky though
Which Grado would you recommend? Also forgot to add that comfort is a super priority
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