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So which one would you guys recommend to someone who listens to a lot of rock?
Hi,   I'm looking for some closed headphones that isolate a lot of noise, and are good for rock and pop. I have looked at the denon d2000's and from the reviews they say they have more of a V-shaped sound signature, and I think I would like this. Any suggestions?
I am looking for a good portable can that is very comfortable and isolates a ton of noise. These two seem like very good candidates, and I was wondering which one you think I should get. I listen to mostly rock, with a little bit of pop.
I need some good travel headphones and I really like what I hear about these two. I listen to mostly rock with some hip hop and I was wondering which one would be better. My main priority is comfort, and if you have any other suggestions let me hear them.
Dangit I meant the 750's.
Are these good sounding? Are they good for rock?
ATH AD 700's. Great for gaming. Dont know much about amps, but I do know that for a littlle over your range you can get the astro mix amp, which is fantastic for gaming.
Really good review
Sounds good :D
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