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V-moda m80 or V-moda crossfade lp if you don't like on ear at all, but the m80's are still pretty comfortable.
ath-ad700 are the most comfortable headphones I've ever used and I have the HD598's. You literally can't feel them on your head.
I'm pretty sure that ice 4.0 is out for the transformer prime. The reason I like the transformer prime is because the keyboard adds a USB port and I don't have a laptop. (Not aloud to get one)
I'm saving up to buy a tablet to use for music, video, gaming with splashtop, etc. and I want to know which one you guys recommend. I have been looking at the asus transformer prime and the toshiba thrive, but what would you recommend.
I have the hd598's and am looking to get my first amp. portability is not an issue, I will be using this on my imac, so which will work better with a 598?
I just got mine in the mail. Love them!
crossfade lp's. That's irrelevant, I just want to know what is better for what.
and yes i am hellbent on getting either one of these.
I need a headphone that has really clear vocals and sounds great for rock. The most common suggestions I get are Grados, but I would prefer a closed headphone. It is not essential, but preferable. I have been looking at the beyer dt1350's, and they look very nice. I would like to keep this at or below $300, so keep that in mind too.
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