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If I was getting headphones for only gaming, it would have to be the Audio Technica Ath AD-700
I have enough spare cash to get the ms1's right now, but I don't know if I should save up for the ms2's when after I have saved that much money I'll have enough money to buy an amp/dac.
Around 100 dollars with mostly neutral sound. I don't know much about speakers, so any help is appreciated. Also, if it helps these will be on either side of my bed.
 I've already decided I want this kind of sound, so please don't try to convince me otherwise. I was wondering which of these is better considering they are about the same price.
I've seen them on amazon for that price twice in like the past 6 months so I would just wait and see :)
Are there any budget dac's that work with an ipod and fiio e9?
So if I have the e9 and e7 if I plug them into an iPod am I using the e7 as a dad because if not I might as well go with just the e9.
So is there no way for me to get both working from an ipod? because the 600 ohm beyers do interest me but I guess I could do with 250 ohms. Any suggestions on a full size dac/amp combp about 200 bucks that works with an ipod?
I kind of want the e9 because in the future I plan to buy hiigh impedence headphones.
And work like it would on a computer? Because I'm trying to do a bedside setup and I don't have a laptop but I do have an outlet available right next to my bed.
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