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Wish I had a camera On me :(
I recommend just getting an astro mixamp and whatever headphones you want, and if you need a dedicated headset I recommend the PC360.
I plan on using an ipod and one of these devices to a full size amp like a Maverick D1
I know you plug your ipod into it, but does it bypass the amp and DAC of the ipod?
Mainly because you can get headphones for a lot cheaper with a seperate mic.
Around $200?
The ad700s do cover your entire ear. I'm telling you this based on my own audio technicas and sennheisers (hd598s, similar build and comfort to the 515s)
I am looking to get a nice amp, and was wondering if I could plug my ipod into this and actually use the DAC feature. Could I use the Nuforce icon ido coaxial output to plug it into this? The reason I ask is because I have been looking at the iDo and if it would be a required purchase to use my ipod with full size amps I would do it. Or could I use the RCA output of the iDo and use it as a preamp/DAC and this as my main amp.
I've been looking and I see a lot of new for 175-200 bucks. I want to know if I can do better, since my go to, Amazon doesn't sell them.
If you want comfort getting anything other than the ath ad700's would be a crime.
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