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I was considering these, because I need closed back on ears for traveling. Plus if I'm wearing them out in public having headphones that look awesome is a HUGE plus. Would these work well paired with a Fiio E7 and an iTouch gen 4?
Oh and I like rock (More Specifically my favorite band is The Beatles) and I like Michael Jackson.
I could go up to the Fiio E7 but I want to know if it really is not that much better. And after looking at some more amps I decided that If I were to get a cheaper amp, that I would get the E6.
Hello. As the title states I am looking for some portables that work well unamped. I'm considering the sennheiser hd 25's, because I hear they sound amazing, block out lots of sound, and look awesome. But I don't know if they need an amp. (My source is an ipod 4th gen) If they do need an amp would the Fiio E5 amp suffice? I don't want to spend a lot because I'd rather spend money on a desktop amp. If there is a better bang for your buck than that mini amp please tell me...
I forgot, These could be the end all of comfort.
Although the ATH-AD700's are FANTASTIC headphones for gaming. They are awesome.
I think I'll pass on the Ad900's for now because I have the Ad700's. I'm new to this and I'd like to try some other stuff.  
I listen to lots of rock ( Specifically The Beatles) I also listen to Michael Jackson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. My source is my mac desktop. I don't know the specifics as it was my father that bought it not me. Though if I ever get a portable amp I dont know if it would sound better plugging it into my ipod touch (gen 4) or still my mac.
in the 200-250 dollar price range. I was considering the senn 598's but I don't know if they need an amp. This is for home use, but I don't want them to be super easily broken.
My main priority is comfortable 1, and sound quality 2. I'm willing to spend $250
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