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Cant wait to get these
Looks interesting I suppose. A bit out of my price range though.
Just ordered them and boy am I excited.
Definitely the brainwavs hm5
I'm aware but do you think it is a good deal?
I get a discount with my brainwavs hm5. Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk
Agreed I have them and they are awesome.
If I use the optical out to get a digital signal and a separate dac, would this be a decent source? And will I have the option to download my iTunes library not just stream it?
Denon. Everything you described, plus thy look sexy.
I undstand that beats are overpriced but i dont notice these getting much love or much hate and I want to get an ipod dock that puts out good sound but also just works. I see these going for about 300 bucks online.
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