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I am looking for an end game setup but I don't even know how I would plug my headphones into something like that. I have an hd598 and a dt770 and I know those aren't on the same level that the amp is but I would like to invest in an amp now and high end headphones later. So I was wondering if there was some sort of adaptor that I could use.
I was eyeing the schiit magni because of the price and aesthetics, but do you think it would even make a difference with my headphones? HD598 DT 770 Pro 80 ohm Grado sr60i
Have lightning line out cables started appearing yet? I want to buy a Fiio e11 to use with my new phone but I don't know if it will work as intended.
I am looking to create a bedside setup and I like the input possibilities of the maverick DACs and amps. I have about 480 bucks o spend and I need optical and USB input. I was thinking the D2 as a DAC but what about an amplifier? It would preferably be something with the input on the back. Thanks!
    I meant skipping stuff like the e9
I am looking to skip all the mid range amps and just skip to the cream of the crop and by a really nice amp. I have the hd598s and dt770 pro 80 and I do plan to buy more demanding headphones in the future and I want to make sure that it will work for all of my headphones.
Can you please explain the recycling of plastic headphones giveaway? I don't entirely understand it. I mean I did it with some headphones I broke a long time ago, but I don't know if you were entirely serious.
Buy the astro mixamp. It is kind of expensive but it is worth it and yes you should be able to talk.
Is this for real because I have some beats upstairs and I would gladly break them for m100's. EDIT::: I actually did it:  
Oh lord I hope you can use it with a computer
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