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I have a "Voodoo" hacked Samgung Galaxy, Cowon D2+, MANY Ipods/Iphones, Meizu 4GB and the CK4 is the best sounding DAP I have. It is also the heaviest. It's GUI is very crude, but simple. HUGE screen without touch capabilities.The sound of .WAV files is simple awesome on my Ortofon e-Q5 and Beyer DT1350!! Too heavy for the Gym. Do NOT use the built in EQ. It's very noisy.Best 250.00 SOund for my ears so far:)
Colorfly assured me the "popping" noise on HD 192Khz files was due to "Clock noise" and would be addressed in the upcoming firmware update. They didn't give me an ETA for the new firmware:(
  -Build quality is average. Not quite Iphone.   -Mine has not frozen yet. 3 days into it.   -248.00USD plus 13.00 EMS shipping:) Great price
Hi Guys,   This is my first review so be easy:)   I just received a CK4 from Delivery and price was awesome!! Dimitri was great to deal with.   I will keep this very simple.   The Good:   -This unit offers the highest quality sound I have heard from a portable player(Some exceptions explained later). This includes modded first gen Ipods, Hifiman 60X. The internal amplifier is also very good. Still not as good as the external...
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