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Just as an update as well, I've been having a look around and narrowed it down to the Miracle and JH13 just on the levelled out bass and soundstaging being said to be a bit nicer. Has anyone got either of these? Would you describe them as warm if anything?
Sorry to bump it up, just avoiding needing to make a separate thread. Any suggestions on this? 
Hi guys!   I've managed to get myself my Lawton Modded D5000s, and now I've realised that the in-ears I'm using aren't exactly the greatest in the world for isolation, or sound, so I'm thinking to get myself some customs :) I've been thinking between the ACS T1, and the Unique Melody Merlin and Miracles, although I'm open to any other suggestions. The cap'd be around £700 (~$1100) for me, but I'd save up for a month if it meant a better experience. In general, it'd...
Hmm...that could be an idea...thanks! :)
Hi everyone! (also, I might as well ask how you're doing )   I'm expecting my D5000s to return from modding, but I'm pretty much finding that my phone isn't doing anything justice, even when it's hooked up through my Mini^3......just sounds kinda wrong, so I'm on the market for a new player! Yay!   At the moment, I've made the inevitable stumble upon Cowon and their players. I've been trying hard to find a reason not to get the X7 or Z2 (between one or the other)...
D'you know which case in particular you used? I'm looking for one as well  
    Quote: I'll definitely be getting them! Thanks :)
         Quote: Just incase, does anybody else have any ideas? Just so I have an idea of what else is out there too? (I had a look at the M50s's too, they seem to be quite good from the info i can rustle up)  
Thanks! (that's happening next month!)
Hi everyone!   In advance, thanks for any help with this :)   In terms of the Music I listen to, I would say it's about 55% Hip-Hop/R'n'B, 15% Soul, and the other 30% comprises of some other genres like electronic music, rock, pop and so on. Also, I'm gonna be using them with my phone on the go but I have a Mini^3 amp that I'm using right now with my TMA-1's I've already made my headphone amp so price isn't too much of an issue, definitely something under $1000...
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