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Hi all, I'm looking to get a new portable DAC that'll work with my iPhone for when I use my bigger cans, as well as possibly with my PC over USB.   I've had a look at the SoundBlaster E5 and the JDS Labs C5D, although I'd be open to any suggestions for something either pretty neutral, or slightly warm to complement my modded TH-600s and my (soon to purchase) Aedle VK-1s   The only other big thing for me is that they connect by lightning rather than through the...
Hey all,   I'm looking to purchase some TH-600s in decent enough condition. Damage to the ear cups is OK with me, they're getting swapped out.   I live in the UK, but they're getting sent to a US address, so they'll just need to be shippable within the USA   Thanks :)
I hope I'm not too late! Can I join in on this too?
 I saw these in a store in the UK. They look really cool, almost looking like what Denon used to make with the D7000 but teeny-isa. They sounded OK but it was really noisy in the store (it was one of those department stores so they never have a quiet area to let you try things)  I've had a look at some reviews of these on the web to try and compare, and it seems like it's a toughie between these two and getting a custom configure of AIAIAI TMA-2s, but I'd probably end up...
Hi, in terms of "Acoustic" music, it'd be more folk-like and acoustic pop in a way, things like this song: This type of music doesn't live in my collection a lot, I only have around 4 or 5 albums that are like this completely
That is a good shout! I remember that I love my Denon AH-D700s, I might get myself these as a comparison set then return the ones I don't like, but from doing a little bit of research they look cool :)
For my electronic music collection, as well as my hip hop, I definitely enjoyed my TMA-1s, although admittedly they are quite a dark sounding headphone overall compared to something like the portapro (from my memory) but they seem a little bit more impactful and happy to be a little bit insane (they are DJ headphones)   Clamping force might be the only issue with the original TMA-1 set, because they're on ear as well they can get quite uncomfortable until you get used to...
I've briefly owned the portapro myself and I quite liked them, the only issue is that because they're pretty much fully open isolation isn't that great. When I had them, the metal on the headband tended to catch on to some of my hair.   From what I remember, bass was OK on them, midrange tended to be the main thing I heard though. In all honesty, for your type of music where there's no vocals they might not be the best in my opinion.
Hi all,   I'm looking to get some new on-ear headphones to replace my blown TMA-1s. I've tried out the Aedle VK-1s and they sound like they may be what I'm looking for, but I wondered if anyone has any other suggestions.   My budget is anywhere beneath the £300/$450, but if anything is more than that but is good enough, I can save more up. I listen to manly R&B, EDM, Soul and Rap, but I like a little bit of acoustic music too.   Thanks in advance :)
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