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I have 1964-t's with the soft canals. They are great. Very happy with my purchase.
I'm not sure what the general consensus is, but I'm very glad I got the soft canals, they are extremely comfortable and I don't loose seal when I sing.   
Ask 1964 to put your cell phone number on the shipping label, that way, customs will call you. For some reason, they didn't call me - they posted a letter instead, which probably slowed things down even more. They seem to be charging more fees than they used to, I had to pay GST of 15% and nearly $50 in misc fees.
I recently got a pair of 1694-T - the sound is great. Very tonally balanced, nothing is too in-your face or overbearing - unless of course the music was mixed that way. Bass is strong and extends low, but it doesn't take over. Mids and treble are open and there's tons of clarity.   I've read reviews say that the 1964 products are have got a rolled off high end, I would disagree slightly. They have controlled sibilance subtly, but the highs are certainly not rolled...
Hey man, I'm in Wellington too! You'll love your 1964's, I've had mine for over a week now and I'm LOVING them. . .   Great sound and fit! 1964 took about 2 weeks to build mine.   Total time from sending my impressions to receiving the IEM's was about 5 weeks. A week for the impressions to reach 1964, two weeks while they built them, 4 days shipping from the US to NZ, and over a week in NZ customs awaiting clearance.    It felt like a LONG time.  
Yeah, mine are royal blue with clear soft tips. I've heard of people painting a layer or two of acrylic nail polish on the their IEM's to help them a fit little tighter. Of course you'd be better to send them back if the fit is really a problem. I don't think mine need re-fitting, after using them a bit more I'm happy with the fit.
Not very objective, but I received my 1964-T's today, and I think they are a great product. They are comfortable and sound great too.
Import taxes can be nasty too, I got hit pretty hard importing my 1964-T, an extra 20% in taxes.   ACS is probably the most well known company in the UK. 
Here you go Yuceka, not a great photo, but here they are:      
Mine just arrived, basic impressions:   Fit - Excellent - maybe very, very slightly loose on the right side but I'm not used to them yet, so I'll reserve judgment there. Comfort - Like they aren't even there. I can open my mouth all the way without loosing seal. EXTREMELY comfortable. SQ - Phat and Flat (to my ears) I don't notice any mud or excess mid-bass. The low end is actually low (!!!) and sounds clean and tight. Great clarity up top, and I haven't yet...
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