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I'm also interested in knowing more about this thing since I also have hd 650 and I also listen to classical and acoustic music.
I just received my WA6 today, but still don't have time to audition it. Have to wait til weekend
wow, sorry to hear something like this happened to you man.   Actually, I don't think they (saturn's securities) are allowed to strip-search you. AFAIK, here, only police could do something like that.
Btw, because of you guys, I looked at my little CD collection and I changed my mind now.   I'm gonna christen my amp with stevie wonder - live at last album. That's one of his best concert of all time imo.
Well, that's a good question though. Haven't really thought about that. But I think I'm gonna christen it with one of my Beatles mono remastered track.    But honestly, I'm surprised that most of you guys still remembered which track you used for the first time.      
Hi folks,   Since I'm new here, I want to say hello! I just bought used WA6 last Saturday. So soon enough, I'm gonna be the proud owner of WA6!! I got the amp + EML 274B pretty cheap from ebay Germany.   Will let you guys know how it sounds with my HD650!   -cs16  
thanks Happy Camper.   actually I've been reading a lot about DAC here. But I'm just wondering which one to choose because there are so many DAC's out there that "graded" rather high by fellows head-fi'ers. That's why I thought before making dumb decision, I would rather ask here first.   Anyways, thanks again for your respond. I'm glad that I found this great forum!    
Hi,   this is my first post and first thread here on head-fi. However, I've been reading this forum for the last 4 months.   First of all, I have to admit that I am new to these audiophile stuffs, but really interested in taking my music listening to the whole new level! Started with listening to combination of HD650 and WooAudio WA6 of a friend of mine and I really enjoyed the sound signature of that tube amp. Last week I just bought used WA6 in Germany and...
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