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I have the Xonar DX. Do you have a link to that kit?
Would you suggest any specific models?
Hey everyone, I'm looking to replace my crappy $40 logitech speakers (no bass until i turn it up loud enough for the speakers to distort and sound terrible) with something thats quite a bit better. I pretty much exclusively listen to EDM (house and trance) music so I'd prefer something with decent bass. This system will be used in my dorm room for parties and just casual listening. My computer has an Asus Xonar sound card, so that isn't an issue at all. Here's what...
I opened up the foam tips and the medium sized set is absolutely perfect!! Thanks for everyones help
I tried out pretty much all of the tips that came with it, is there a difference between the 2 bags of supertips?
I ended up getting a set of turbine pro golds, I'm amazed as to how much came with them in the box. I've noticed that they have barely any bass when I tried them out, will they get better when I break them in? And whats the best way to break them in, I'm just playing music on them right now.   +rep to everyone that helped me.
Hey everyone, I'm looking to upgrade from my current set of earbuds (Skullcandy 50/50), I've narrowed it down to either the Monster Turbines or the Turbine Pro's. I mainly listen to electronic music (dubstep, DnB and electrohouse so I want something with nice bass but not overpowering. Would these be good choices for my music? I work at Best Buy Canada so I get just over 50% off of either one of them (making the Turbines $80 and the Pros $150), which one would be a...
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a new set of earphones but I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for. I mainly listen to dubstep and electrohouse. I'd like to spend no more than $100CAD but I do work at best buy so I get ~50% off on headphones there and at futureshop. So far the Klipsch S5i and the Audio-Technica ATH-CKM50ABK have caought my eye. Are those any good? What would you guys recommend in my price range? Thanks
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