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 A nice little review of the new Cary Audio division 'Nighthawk' - containing excerpts relating to the PS1000 by 'Enjoy The Music'    http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0912/audio_electronics_nighthawk.htm    Initially posted by Grado HQ on their Facebook page     Dang, these cans remain a mystical journey ~ so crap one minute (read: your recording is under 20 years old)  and yet amazing the next!
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 Just a quick note on the successive generation at Grado HQ - I believe Jonathan runs the Grado facebook page and he also manned the Grado stand  at this year's CES show. No proof you could argue that he plans to make a long term career out of it but he is certainly involved in the day  to day duties.
 So many audio truisms in the one post Zanth     I'll just reiterate the one that really spoke to me    "Sometimes this means headphone A will be a better match for a track or album or heck a complete genre.  The argument that a statement product should be able to perform perfectly for any type of music is a noble one, if faulty.  No one thing can do all things, let alone perfectly.  Expectations need to be declared (even if only personally/privately such that...
Same old, round and round goes the merry go-round    Many headphones deserve a sense of reservation unless owned for many months, the PS1000 remains a perfect  example of such a case.    I'd go further ~ unless you've mix and matched various DAC's and amps (very, very important) across a wide range of diverse  material then you will never really know what they are capable of.    One thing will always remain true - regardless of the depth of your pockets -...
   RS1's could never see the lining of a bin! :)    Just the perfect excuse to refurbish and re-cable them when that time comes ~ that is assuming that over time constant temperature contrasts  may eventually crack the mahogany shell - if that happens then they will be rather kaput.
   Mine are starting to develop some aesthetic 'character' you could say Focker  A few drizzles of rain here and there - they spend more time  outside than inside!
 Really enjoying the synergy with this stack comprising of the ALO MK3-B portable amp, Cypher Labs Algo  Solo DAC and the RS1's. I'm not noticing a huge increase in detail retrieval over let's say a bog stock  Apple Classic - the nuances are in the sense of space and separation on well known tracks. Some  tracks though this setup project a very large image compared to the standard Apple gear.    Much better than the standard iPhone which is pretty tinny and...
 Awhile back when I was still using a combination source of either the Asus STX and Auzentech Bravura PCI cards coupled with a few  DIY amps - I came very close to selling the ol' K601. I could not put my finger on it but the lack of control beyond the upper  mids just did not seem right. At the time I still had not been exposed to heap of higher end offerings and yet this niggle  remained. Bass was quite two dimensional a little light.    Picked up the V200...
   What sort of power cord are you using with the standard adapter?
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