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I just purchased the Slappa hard case for my DT 880's. Hopefully they fit well.
Saw some Audio Technica ATH M-50S's in a commercial for the Lincoln XTS.  I guess it would have been too much of a cliche' to use Beats.
Lots to choose from, thats certain.
I really liked this song.  The way it started had me thinking it would be going in another direction.  Its nice and ambient with a more lively beat.   Quote:
Daft Punk - Alive 2007
This thread is a great read.  There is a lot of useful knowledge in it.
I was one of only 2 people in my class to be a first time go on my EMT practicals.  Tomorrow is the written exam.
  That was the first performance of The Planets I ever purchased.  Its still the best one.  Others I have listened to just haven't been as good.  Either the tempo isn't right, fermatas aren't held as long as I feel they should, or the unity isn't as solid (on Mercury the Winged Messenger for example).  Good luck in the search for a better performance though.   I think this hobby is a difficult one to understand for many people because it is so subjective and as active...
This was an interesting music video on Radiohead's The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time video.
You may like this nicely done video then.  The song in it is "Set Me On Fire" by Pendulum, of their album, Immersion.  
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