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Hello. Long time! No time to browse old threads, so forgive me if this is a duplicate. Let's start with a simple yes or no to not waste too much time here. Is it possible to broadcast music to a live channel using the fiio e17, a mobile app, and whatever additional adaptors that might be needed? Thanks in advance!!
@Sonic Defender. I'm glad you have it all figured out.
I don't know about all that. I think it's basically capitalism in a nutshell. Everything is hyped and everything is a racket.
I guess it's good I don't listen to anything that distorts them.
I think you know when. But it has to do with preference, application, a variation of amp and source. For me it was clear when I asked myself why do I need a $500+ setup for playing video games. I tried several cans. But for my scenario it isn't necessary to strive to reach audio nirvana because of my application. Also. Would I even like what an audiophile likes? At first my search seemed complex because I wasn't sure what I was looking for. After reading a MadLustEnvy...
V moda made the list but M audio Q40s didn't?
Not sure where user "what?" went. If they don't come back soon, I will reopen this ad. If anyone is interested.
. To Admin. not sure how I posted in source. please move to headphones or instruct me how to do so. thanks
Condition - Worn   hours used - less than 200   original box - no   accessories - 1 manufacturer cable and 3.5mm adapter. 1 guitar city cable without cable grooves to hold cable in place.   price doesn't reflect shipping fees. buy pays for shipping.   paypal only
Originally purchased from Amazon.   less than 200 hours used.   inner headband very worn.   cup padding somewhat worn.   no cracks in build.   do not have the original box.   asking price does not include shipping.   one week trial. if not satisfied, send them back.   buyer pays for shipping.   buyer pays for return shipping.   shipping method UPS standard ground. you can pay extra for expedite.   preferred payment method paypal.
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