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I've sent Mal so many pm's :D  Always professional and nice. thanks Mal!!!     P.S. Liking the M-audio q40's.
If someone mistakes you for a headphone repair man.   If you have a sign that says will work for headphones.
skullcandy 50/50 iems hurt my ears with my laptop volume almost at 2%.   and some iems i got with a pair of cross trainers.
M-Audio Q40's. I own them.   Here's what a very respectable person has to say about them.  I agree with this review.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/m-audio-studiophile-q40-closed-back-dynamic-headphones/reviews/6430
from what i remember the 990's are open. is there a 990 pro?
There's no telling if it would be the same. Is it adequate? probably. I've also wondered the same about my receiver. But I only had the receiver part with no way to play cd's. So for a piece of mind and the ability to hook an amp up to my laptop, I gave in to buying a portable amp.   For a short time I had the dt990 600 ohm. My lower tier receiver(Sony str dh 520) was able to get them very loud with the volume not even turned up all the way.
There are people that have put down thousands, so they know, and they would say it's a matter of preference.
1. hype 2. gimmick
Sony XB500 M-audio Q40   No need to spend $500 for quality bass. But if you must.   Denon D2000 Jvc Dx700
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