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Holy thread revival Batman!!!  Well I never did find something else, just went back to using the NE-7m as they're just a nice sounding unit.  Another year went by and they eventually got left in a shirt pocket and got washed.. Ooops. They were tinny for an hour and came good, but a few days later the left channel dies for good. RIP little NE-m.... So. Since the original question was a while back, any fresh tips on a replacement?  Was tempted to get NE-7m again, but...
Am loving my 700X, after some initial misgivings - I came from their predecessor the NU NE-7m.   I listen to all sorts - Royksopp, Nick Cave, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Metallica, classical, blues.   They are great :)   My NE-7Ms survived through 18 months of daily public transport use, and a few trips around the states - still work just fine. The 700X seem just as well made.
How hot is hot with these things? Am using a 12v psu and the case feels warm after an hour or so, but not what I'd call hot... Pretty happy with the sound though, especially playing apple lossless files though Audivarna, a really nice open source player for Mac OS.
Mine have never been muddy - I found them too harsh and bright out of the box. Much mellower now. Maybe you have faulty ones...?
I just bought the same a week ago or so, replacing the previous model NE-7M. I was underwhelmed at first.... Left them playing for a whole day, used them for another couple of days an was ready to onsell them... Then went back to my old NE-7Ms and they were now all muddy and poor sounding! Then the the NE-700M sounded awesome. All a bit wierd, but just took my ears a moment to readjust Give them a few more days
Hi - long time lurker. After reading all (well most - a lot went over my head...) of this, I got one of the Muse units.   Running via optical out from my Mac Mini and feeding my old Kenwood receiver and Goodman speakers. So far so good.    Sounds pretty bright still - maybe will calm down with some burn in?   But the reason I'm posting is to ask if I should be worried about the condition it turned up in - ie showing clear signs of being stored badly. It was a...
Based largely on my trawling through this forum, about a year ago I bought some Nu Force NE-7M and loved them to bits.   But I decided to step it up a notch and see what I could get that was better - so ended up going to some NE-700X.   On the basis that I really liked the sound of the NE-7Ms, I figured this could only be better!   But even after about 20 hours burn in, I just dont like the the NE-700X... Its brighter and harsher and just not as...
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