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Yeah, apple may work out some of the driver issues in a future update. Parallels had the same issue my mac had with the Nano, but connecting through a USB2 hub allowed me to successfully update the firmware. I had always been able to use the Nano on my MacBook Pro retina using a hub, but caring around a hub wasn't the best solution.
The issue for my nano was the nano firmware - updating the nano firmware with beta firmware the iFi folks sent to me solved all the USB issues on my MacBook Pro.
I can verify that the firmware update worked on my MacBook Pro 2013.  I updated using Parallels and I'm good to go! PB  
Putting up for sale my GoDap 12v Limited with the OPA627SM opamps. I purchased this last summer for more than $800 and it sounds great! Not using the portable rig much anymore, so time to sell this. Asking $400 + shipping to conus only. Thanks!
Try using a powered USB hub in line with the USB cable into the M8!
I purchased my LE OPA627SM directly from VenturCraft by using the support email.  They were very helpful and it was an easy purchase using PayPal. BTW, I love my Socket LE - having owned an original CLAS SOLO, I much prefer the Socket's sound signature!
24/96 support all the way!
    This past month, I had 2 pairs of TF10s remolded.  One through UM, and the other pair through 1964 Ears. I added the extra driver to the UM set and the 1964 pair were the stock TF10 parts.  After spending a few weeks with both I can say that I enjoy each set although they are very different sounding due to the added driver in the UM remold. The UM pair lost a lot of bass where as the 1964 remolds really held the bass well. Bottom line, I spent less money on the 1964...
It's hard to judge the sound differences between the two amps since using the same phones isn't a fair assessment for either amp. The best way I can describe the Continental is to say that my K702 cans absolutely came alive when I plugged them compared to the 2Stepdance. The low frequencies had a nice punch that had been lacking before and the mids were quite lively - I knew right away that I was going to be happy. I also had the same reaction with my 2Stepdance when I...
I have the Continental and the 2Stepdance. I love both these amps - they each are a perfect fit for my setup(s). I use the the continental to drive a pair of k702 phones through the CLAS and an iPod. I tried my IEMs through the continental, but no go - the Continental has too much gain for the smaller phones. the 702s are a pig to drive, but the Continental drives them with ease! There is a bit of heat generated in the Continental, but it's not been an issue for me so far...
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