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  Aren't the Beyers known for being a bit "bright" in the high end? If you're looking to soften the treble then some Mullard ECC88 (British made) should do the trick.
 Yep, those are just Tesla ECC88's, can tell by bottle shape and sloped getter support. Worth no more than about $30 a pair.
 Unfortunately they are rarer than rocking horse schitt, maybe once a year someone will be willing to part with a pair for stupid money.
 IEM's are fine with Lyr, just avoid anything stupidly low impedence/sensitive/balanced armature or you'll be hearing a whole lot of buzzing/tube/background noise
  I did find them a tad bright myself with the HE5-LE's, but could have been due to lack of burn-in (only gave them 20 or so hours) but otherwise i thought they were a fantastic tube.
  PCC-189 are a variable gain tube, basically like how compression works in some systems, on my TV for example, i notice the music is too loud in films compared to the speech, but there's an option to enable "compression" to make all the sound the same volume, no-more sudden deafening music scores. Some people like this effect, others don't.   PCC85 are a 9.5v heaters compared to the 6.3v the Lyr outputs, will work for sure but definitely not optimally, the maximum heater...
  Bin them, there are far better tubes out there, and they have pretty much no re-sale value.   ECC88's made in Holland in the 60's and early 70's are a good place to start, may be labelled as Amperex, Philips or even Mullard.   For rolling on a budget, the Russian tubes are exceptional value, 6N23P is the type, you want the Voskhod tubes with the rocket logo, and look for mid 70's to early 80's   English tubes are nice too, Brimar ECC88 or Mullard ECC88, sometimes other...
  Yep, no expense spared with Schiit.
  If you're talking about the GE 6BZ7's or the Novosibirsk 6N1P's you can get them for about $1 each on eBay. for the ECC88 JJ's maybe $10-$20?
  Were they E88CC gold pin Tesla's? they are an all together different animal than the ECC88 variant.   I've had both the E88CC gold pins and the standard ECC88 Tesla and i must say i found the ECC88's un-remarkable, the E88CC gold pins had the best soundstage i've ever heard, but maybe a tad too bright with my headphones, deffinitely worth grabbing a pair of the gold pins though.
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