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Hey guys,   Just letting you know that we got more E12DIY's on the way which should be arriving this week.   Billy   edit: typos
Apologies guys for not writing initial impressions.  Thank you @H20Fidelity for including me in this tour. :)   I’ll skip the technicalities of the H-300 as that's already been covered sufficiently.   Upon first listen, I must be honest and say I was left wanting more.  It felt like there was something missing, or I was waiting for something to hit me, just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I hadn’t read any prior reviews or impressions of the H-300, I haven’t really...
 LOL!  I've been waiting all day for the caravan of life...  Didn't come unfortunately!
 Yes, sorry guys, been one of those nights and day today! They're with me now!
Thanks for including me d_marco!
Gee that thread was closed quick! LOL!   Thanks guys, you're all welcome!   Jensy, thanks for the beer mate, you need to come around and help me polish them off!   Great pics too, someone would think we've hired a Pro to cover the event! 
Try Porter St first, there might be plenty of spots anyway.  44 Porter St is 4 doors up from us towards the Prahran station (further away from Commercial Road).
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