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Thanks for including me d_marco!
Gee that thread was closed quick! LOL!   Thanks guys, you're all welcome!   Jensy, thanks for the beer mate, you need to come around and help me polish them off!   Great pics too, someone would think we've hired a Pro to cover the event! 
Try Porter St first, there might be plenty of spots anyway.  44 Porter St is 4 doors up from us towards the Prahran station (further away from Commercial Road).
 Hey guys, Parking in Porter St is 2 hours, for Sunday it should be ok to find something (and you can check easily if your tyres are marked - there's no sneaky systems to track you!).  You can also try and park at 44 Porter St (Magnet Packaging), there's space in front of their building.  Please park in away to let others park as well.  What ever you do, please do not part in any parking spaces in front of Golden Breed, otherwise we'll have another incident with the owner...
 I promise I wont!
LOL!  Not any time soon I'm afraid!
 I didn't realise there's a mobile version of the ES9018 (aka ES9018K2M), but there is!  It offers two D/A converters on the one chip, with each handling one channel (in mono), similar to the normal ES9018 in the Matrix X-Sabre, with 8 x D/A converters on the one chip (4 x D/A in mono per channel)!
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