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Sorry if this is an off-topic question. Those screens you have there, it got me interested. What player is that or is it just a skin? It seems that I can't find anything in Google aside that it's a mobile app.
Bought a 920 myself a couple of months ago, so far I'm pretty impressed. Paired it with VSonic VSD1 and lately a FiiO E11. Details are unveiled equally. More of like a clean sound sig. Although i did a bit of a tweak in eq to match my preferences at first, after buying the amp, the Dolby was the only option I use now (for movies only).
Too bad my ms1i right channel crackled then became silent.   Best pair I ever had since SR-80i.
Could anyone compare this to the MS1i? This Fidelio kind of interests me a lot.
I would choose Grado as I own it and I also got the E11. It really textured every song I've heard. If bass is the problem, all I did was play around with the E11's EQ to match my taste. You can also do a mod with the Grados which is a good addon if you ask me.
Alessandro MS1i (All-arounder | Open) or Sony MDR-XD700 (BASS | Closed)   ... by experience
I agree on pumping up the bass will result me to recessed mids and highs, anyway I was just experimenting.   I bet it's ok to pump up the bass unless it sounds boomy.  
Just bought MS1i, play with it for a few weeks and decided to put on an experiment to know how far it could deal with the bass.   I used FiiO E5 + E11, all EQ is up. The bass is good and I really don't hear any nasty sounds yet.   Will too much bass be bad for my ms1is? Are they well built for such *abuse (i don't know what word to put there, )?
    I guess i'm still gonna be a with Grado. FiiO's EQ options might just help me a bit on bass heavy songs.   Thanks!
Any of the good HPs you could suggest? Maybe along the price range of SR-325i (one of my option too).   My preferences are: 1. That aggressive mids (female vocals occasionally). 2. Forward sounding 3. I appreciate a bit improvement from SR-80is bass department. 4. Accuracy 5. Genre: Rock, Classical, Dubstep/Electronica   I have no regrets having the SR-80is. I just wanted something new to my ears.   For high impedance suggestions, I only...
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