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What would be the difference between that one and the more expensive models? I read on a blog, to which I am allowed to link, that many models are ridiculously expensive because the engineers want to reform the sound (make it sound warmer and stuff like that) with exotic components in stead of simply designing an amp which reproduces the sound as accurately as possible. He claims, with a good foundation, that most amps are either not very good or much more expensive than...
I listen with my Sennheiser HD598 and a USB soundcard (Sounblaster XFi Pro). I am under the impression that the sound quality is decent at the very least. I have read though that the impedance is higher for lower frequencies and as a result of that the lower frequencies could be insufficiently produced by my current soundcard. What DAC and amplifier would be a good solution for me? Is it certain that the sound quality would improve? I guess I would have to connect the...
Thank you for your reaction. I wouldn't mind spending $150-200, that's a reasonable budget assuming that it lasts many years and that I profit maximally from this reasonably good headphone and possibly some other headphones I will use in the future.. I would however like some explanation why such a DAC gives better sound than my current soundcard. Especially since it might be quite difficult to try one out for me. What makes the difference? What differences will I hear?
I have a Sennheiser HD598 headphone connected to a Soundblaster XFi-surround 5.1 pro (my computer doesn't have space for an internal sound card). Suppose I would connect some expensive DAC with a USB 2.0 instead of my current Soundblaster, would it make any difference for the soundoutput? My current soundcard is a considerable improvement compared to the onboard soundcard wich my computer unfortunately has.   I'm a noob with regard to DAC's.
I've read very good reviews about that model of Grado, I'll certainly try that one out. Any more suggestions? Too bad that's this brand asks higher prices in Europe, maybe I can let someone buy it when he is in the USA. Of course I can also use the exchange rate (Euro vs. American Dollar) to buy it a bit cheaper.
Hi, I'm new here. Currently I owe my first headphone, a Sennheiser HD-205. Thought the sound seems to be reasonably o.k. I would like to have a better quality headphone. I am not a rich guy yet so I am not going to spend over aproximately €700 on a headphone (including amplifier if needed) during the coming years, on the other hand I don't mind waiting 1 or 2 years longer and spare some money to buy a decent headphone. How much do you have to spend to get the best...
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