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Well yeah they are great on its own I totally agree.. its just me... I just want more dynamics to it and able to boost that bass when I need it to for certain genre. I can be considered quite a basshead hence the E11K (within budget) nothing over the top. And E11K IMHO just widens the stage a lil bit more plus it tightens the bass more and kicks a lil bit harder. Well all this out of a mediocre iPod Classic. Simply said I am happy with my setup and happy to carry that amp...
I have just got mine back from DUNU and they got the cables replaced. Its been 2 weeks so far and still looking good.. The original ones only lasted 4-5mths.. Lets hope this new ones will not have the same issue. The hassle just makes me wipe them after every use.. I try to make that a habit.. Haha.. But the sound quality is still superb coupled with E11K :P
I am always scared of going to Adelphi.. It is such a poisonous place!! ūüėú
I am using the Sony Hybrid tips and to my ears they fit and sounded the best.
I totally have to agree as I am one huge Atrios fan.Comparing my old worn out Atrios MG7 with the G10 I can actually hear the step up in every aspect.To my banged up ears they sounded wider, more clarity and the bass just packs a couple more punches and slams harder!Build wise is definitely a step up. I am loving my pair and its making my DN1K's bass sounds so timid now. haha
Well mine got a little stiff already near to the shells and will be sending them back to DUNU for replacement. Have already alerted them and they say the process will take about a couple of weeks to and fro and to send it in since it is still under warranty.
Kunlun agree as to what navmau said in his reply and I could not agree more. very simple and good explanation about tips. As for now I am just using the stock bi-flanged M tips which fits me nicely. Olives, well lets just say I am using the core for my Sony hybrids tips just to play around for later this weekend perhaps.  Anyways after slightly more than 24 hours burn in time I can hear that the sub bass have tighten up and it's more controlled, mids are more forward now...
 I was thinking of the same thing too but the stiff cables just splits as well for my Atrios. But like you said it.. at least I have my shiny new G10 now. Well they are still on burn-in mode. Will listen to them again when I get home. Have to agree.. those who loved Atrios would love this. Have to warn the peeps out there about the amount of bass that these beast are giving out. Some might not like it but I am loving how its banging those bass more than my Atrios!
Yeeaapp i actually read your earlier comments and just blasting them on my mac.. Its on 8 bars which is too loud for me.. Hehe
1 hour and counting.. :P
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