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Not sure if you still need the help since the post was a month ago, but I am well versed in both Chinese and English. Just PM me if you still need the help.
No one?
I auditioned this one tube preamp that sounds really good on a speaker system which is not designed for headphone use. I am wondering if I could feed the RCA output straight to a headphone using a RCA pair male to 1/4" female cable to my HE-6. Here are the specs of the mentioned tube amp:   Output lmpedance: 600Ω Output Voltage: 2V(15V Max) Input Voltage: 50-100mV Input lmpedance: 470kΩ(RCA) Distortion: 0.01%(20Hz-20KHz) Frequency Response:10Hz-200KHz±1dB S/N...
You know what? It's absolutely OK to be satisfied for cheaper hadphones. I uesd to have a pair of Senn MX500, then went up to UM1. Really, until now I regret this purchase, because that sound does not match my ears. Too base-sy for any classical music. All I can hear is the double base and it cover up the whole orchestra make every symphony sound like a double base concerto. So don't worry about it. If you are good with that headphone, stick with it.
Saw these two on a second hand store, which is better balanced? Like, I want to listen all kinds of music on them, thanks.
Can someone suggest the best headphone and amp rig out there for the following preference? My music pref: Classical, Orchestra Requirement: Not too much on extreme highs (18~19kHz), Huge and realistic soundstage reform, detailed, not too much bass; instruments have their own "space" Yeah, think about 1812, or Rachmininov piano concertos (my favorite), Mozart Requrium, Mozart Symphonie 41, which headphone will you use for the best sound if money is not a...
Yup, from the samples, it's kindda the same. But you know, they are recorded ones, so I can't say anything about that.
The thing I buy the Amp is because the noise of the spinning sound of the hard disk of my M3 bugs me so much. I want to filter them out. yes, it does (with the "volume attenuator" connect to the amp)
O, I use WAV ,OGG 499, MP3 320 and WMA 192(with most of the songs)
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