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100 90 80 $65 shipped, it was just serviced by Ken @ ALO and has zero hours since.
First off, I know I have a low post count, if anyone interested in buying would like some more proof of character, I can give them my name on other forums / ebay / skype with them if they want.    Located in Oregon, USA.      (Stepdance is SOLD) I've got a 2Stepdance that is about six months old, fine condition. Love the amp but i'm going to switch to a more desktop style. I took a picture of it without the little button for volume on, because I took it off...
Do you guys know if there is a location in the PNW where someone can listen to Schiit amps / dacs? 
He's right. 
Has the MBP line always had optical out in the headphone jack?
I am also interested in people's thoughts on this question. 
You need a special cable though, right? 
Along with some clamping at the beginning, which disappears with regular use and maybe a little stretching, the LCD 2's are quite heavy. if you try to lay down without a pillow they will sort of slump down your head, making the experience not very enjoyable. but I love them. 
Congrads! I hope more are to come!
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