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 Quite a difference in price between the Leben and Marantz, plus it's tubes vs SS.  Wouldn't be surprised if the 1060/2230 don't quite reach the level of the Leben. Will you have it recapped by someone else?  Already know what kind of caps you're going to use?  There's someone on AK called patfont that has done a lot of experimentation and A/B-ing of different caps in those units.  You may want to look that up.  He has, from time to time, also sold kits of complete sets of...
Matt, did you check out the Heresy's? Thoughts?
 The A25's are special speakers, for sure. Back to the topic of vintage receivers. . . I'm likely going to add a nice Sony STR-6060F to the stable.  I'm planning on having it recapped before I lay hands on it, so it'll be awhile until I have my own pictures.  As posted earlier, I like the STR-6055 a lot (and it's original/not recapped), so looking forward to hearing what a recapped 6060F sounds like.
I'm not sure you need a ST-120 with A25's - seems like overkill. Many receivers/integrateds will sound good with the A25 - they're pretty forgiving speakers based on my experience.But the ST-120 will nevertheless be nice and can be used for higher end speakers later as needed. You probably just won't hear its full potential with the A25's.
 Matt, a couple of thoughts on vintage speakers. . . If you just want smooth, musical sound in a relatively cheap and compact form factor, check out Dynaco A25's.  This is what I'm using in my office setup with a restored Fisher KX-100.  It has what I would consider to be a classic vintage sound - warm and musical.  My only "hesitation" is that the inherent color of the speakers might not reveal 100% of the "holographic" nature of the 500C - their being forgiving probably...
 Others may disagree, but I think differences in DAC's are generally pretty subtle.  If the environment around the computer is loud enough for you to hear it through your LCD 2's and disturb you even subtly, then likely it's washing over any sonic advantages your FLAC/Aune T1 would have over the JVC changer in a quiet environment.  Just test out the JVC with your Mac and LCD 2's and see how it sounds.  Likely, it's just fine.
 Wow, nice and minty.  Great pick up.  
Congrats! Now let's see if you can stop at just one. Vintage gear are kind of like Doritos. . .
I need to try the KX-100 on my Alon II's.  On paper, they won't do great together since they require so much power.  But it's worth a try since the Alons so revealing and I don't listen a high volume most of the time anyway.
 Maybe I need to get a 500C as well. 
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