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Double Helix cable sold, so listing updated with new bundled price.
Original post updated to reflect more items sold and new bundled price.
Got a new vintage receiver in, a Sony STR-6060F, had it fully recapped.   This late 60's Sony receiver has a reputation for being tube-like, so I compared it against both a fully recapped Marantz 1060 and a Fisher KX-100 tube integrated on Vandersteen 2CE Signatures.  Thought I'd post my note here:   First: Sony 6060 vs Marantz 1060: The Marantz 1060 is more polite, a bit fuller/warmer, the bass maybe a touch stronger, and has a somewhat less forward presentation...
The EF5 amp sold, so deleted pictures, added individual price for headphones, and a new bundled price.
 Twin power H/K units (430, 730, 930) are really nice sounding.  I think the build quality is somewhat below some of the other brands (Sansui, Yamaha, Marantz, etc) of similar time period, but the sound itself is really nice.
The Mogami extension cable sold, so removed it from the list.  It's still in the original set of pictures though, so please note.  If more of the accessories sell, I'll take new pictures of the accessories to avoid confusion.
The Sansui quads are nice. I had a QR-6500 and the build quality was great and the flexibility of use was awesome. Basically, two receivers in one chassis in terms of flexibilty.Not a ton of power, and cap coupled, so more mellow sounding, and BIG. But nice overall if you have the space and want/need the flexibilty of quad or playing two sources independently, consider it. The QRX (vs QR) also has better quad modes, but I never really used mine anyway.
Updated with a la carte pricing on everything except the headphones.
Selling HE-5LE headphones and an aftermarket headphone cables, a speaker tap (allows you to listen to your headphones directly from a receiver's speaker outputs), etc.  Individual prices and package price updated to reflect sale of some of the items listed earlier. Items for sale include: Hifiman HE-5LE (original retail: $699): There were slightly different versions from what I can tell.  Mine have the shiny/glossy finish on the cups.  Comes with the two original OFC...
 Is there anything in particular you're looking to improve upon?  What speakers are you driving with the CA-800? From my experience, the Yamahas are really nice units (heavy duty, high build quality) and very neutral.  If you just wanted a different flavor (more warmth/color, etc) that's one thing, but just curious about what you're trying to get that you don't get with the CA-800.
New Posts  All Forums: