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Thanks! It's Rustoleum Universal Metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze. I got it at Ace Hardware, but I'm sure Home Depot or Lowe's has it too.If you can't find it, I can take a pic of the spray can - I think I still have it a around.
These are sold. Thanks!
Check this guide here - should give you all the info you need to know, but agree with previous poster that some disassembly is almost always required:
 Yes, most likely.  Try to DeOxit the volume pot as well as all other pots (tone controls, balance, etc), switches, selector controls, etc - exercise each control many times after you spray the contacts with DeOxit.   Also, make sure you allow some time for DeOxit to dry before you power the unit back up.
I suspect the s is for signal and g is for ground, so you have a left signal and ground and right signal and ground.If that's the case, then L-js would go to the left red speaker out, L-eg would go to the left black speaker out, R-js to the right red speaker out, and R-eg to the right black speaker out.It may be safer to probe/ohm it out if you have a DMM, but assuming the left and right labels are correct., the worst thing you could have is a polarity/phase issue if you...
Mogami speaker tap cable sold. Only HE-5LE and silver cable now available.
Music playing after you shut it off isn't necessarily an issue - many vintage receivers do this.Have you tried to clean all the switches and selector knob contacts as well? The volume control is just one of typically many controls that might cause a channel to cut out. If the left channel can be brought back by fiddling with some of the controls, you likely still have dirty controls.Left channel is also completely out through the headphone out?Don't give up yet.
Double Helix cable sold, so listing updated with new bundled price.
Original post updated to reflect more items sold and new bundled price.
Got a new vintage receiver in, a Sony STR-6060F, had it fully recapped.   This late 60's Sony receiver has a reputation for being tube-like, so I compared it against both a fully recapped Marantz 1060 and a Fisher KX-100 tube integrated on Vandersteen 2CE Signatures.  Thought I'd post my note here:   First: Sony 6060 vs Marantz 1060: The Marantz 1060 is more polite, a bit fuller/warmer, the bass maybe a touch stronger, and has a somewhat less forward presentation...
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