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 Others may disagree, but I think differences in DAC's are generally pretty subtle.  If the environment around the computer is loud enough for you to hear it through your LCD 2's and disturb you even subtly, then likely it's washing over any sonic advantages your FLAC/Aune T1 would have over the JVC changer in a quiet environment.  Just test out the JVC with your Mac and LCD 2's and see how it sounds.  Likely, it's just fine.
 Wow, nice and minty.  Great pick up.  
Congrats! Now let's see if you can stop at just one. Vintage gear are kind of like Doritos. . .
I need to try the KX-100 on my Alon II's.  On paper, they won't do great together since they require so much power.  But it's worth a try since the Alons so revealing and I don't listen a high volume most of the time anyway.
 Maybe I need to get a 500C as well. 
That's awesome Old Groucho.  Fisher's are awesome and that looks to be in great condition.  I haven't tried my HD650 with my KX-100 yet.
That should work fine. The idea is to improve sound quality by using the AR preamp in place of the built ih Concept preamp, correct? I would try it both ways and see what you like better, as the Concept pre should already be quite good in a TOTL unit like that. Just watch the volume setting on the preamp before plugging in your good phones. If you have a cheaper pair, you can always try those first. It shouldn't be necessary if you're using the headphone out, but it...
Being in Austin, you should check out Sound Gallery to get an idea of various models and their characteristics, cosmetics, etc. They sell restored gear from what I understand, so if that aspect (being restored) is important, you may find something there. No idea about their prices though.Another thing you can do is become a subscriber to Audiokarma ($25), and post a want-to-buy in Bartertown. There are a couple regular members I can think of there, and most vintage...
 What's your budget, what speakers will you be using, and do you want want a certain sound signature (warm/rolled off, dead neutral, etc)?
Yeah, I hear the 6060F and 6120 may sound even better. I think people just have an image of Sony based on how mainstream they are today, and don't immediately think of them when they think vintage. But seriously good stuff to be sure.
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