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So you guys are saying its my iPhone and Macbook that cause the problem? I will have to see for myself. I ll just plug it into some other audio sources and see what happens.    But for my laptop (which I am not going to buy a new one just because it hisses), a good DAC would kill the hiss, because the audio is not processed by the soundcard then right? 
Well then I do not understand why everybody gives the Shure really good reviews. And I need to be specific here. A lot of the people on this board probably know their way around high end headphones and IEM, and can spot little differences between some high end IEMs. But that is not what I mean, I have no clue about audio, but I can tell that this hiss noise is annoying as hell. So why would you spend 400 euros on IEMs if they produce this freaking hiss?    Can you...
Could you also tell me exactly, what a dock cable is used for and where I can buy one? 
Is there any factual reason, why the Shure SE535 hiss, and as you claim for example Westone 3s do not hiss?  
By the way, I am new to audio, I have only owned the original apple ear buds before :) .
Hello Everyone,   I got my Shure SE535 2 days ago and since then have had trouble removing the pre-installed sleeves, because they fit so tight. By now I am pretty sure I that I have found the right sleeves for me.    Anyway, I listen to lossless music from my 2011 MacBook Pro 17" and iPhone 4 and I can hear a VERY noticeable hiss in the background. It sounds like the background noise of an old cheap deck player. And to be honest I am therefore pretty...
in the video you can see the metal box that i was talking about.    my package is made of plastic and you can see the earbuds before having unpacked anything.    what do you guys make of this? 
Hello guys,   I am here, because I have ordered my first high end pair of earbuds a couple days ago. I ordered the Shure SE535 on (im german) and they arrived to day.    Having read some reviews on the internet, I expected the Shures to come in a nice metal box. Sadly, my package was totally different. There was no metalbox included, but the buds were put into plastic molds. Everything else was included (sleeves etc.)    Now I also cant manage to...
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