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I was worried we were headed that direction, then bam. It happened.   
  Oh Skullcandy, you open us up for so many jokes here at head-fi.     
I am really surprised by this, even though I shouldn't be. 
Google failed me on this one. 
No worries. I ordered the regular Turbines for my girlfriend, and the Copper for myself. $286 for two sets of earbuds isn't bad in my book. More so if she stops taking my headphones.
So odd question, does anyone know where I can find a Bose spec sheet for their QuietComfort 15?   A group of friends and myself went into a Bose store joking around and asked for one and were met with a cold shoulder. After looking online it seems harder than intended to find one. Now I am curious.
Just curious if anyone has a similar problem to mine, my girlfriend likes hi-fi, but takes after her father. So she steals my headphones and speakers. I mean I asked her if she wanted her own speakers, and she said Lynn. The problem is she never spends her own money on the hi-fi.   Also good luck with that crazy "marriage cake" folder. You just gave me shivers, as I am a college student too.
  Fair enough, it was my mistake for not being more clear. As a college student with tight jeans I probably shouldn't speak. On the more on-topic note, I am with Austin Morrow, it does still seem like a slim turnout for a good city. I do hope it grows.
SOLD! That is enough to get me on board. I just ordered a pair. 
Never too late for headphones. I am actually still looking since I didn't pick up the C5's. Any reason why they are better?
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